10 Celebs Who Changed Their Names

Many questions about celebrities always stand apart, and one way or another we try to find the catch where it may not be at all.
I think it’s not worth remembering that the life of any celebrity, whether it’s a movie star, musician or anyone else is always on the radar. To be heard means to be the reason for an endless stream of rumors that creep into our minds from all possible information gaps. We used to believe that most of the stars were somehow under the hand of a plastic surgeon, we assume that this or that person is really beautiful, or all this is the merit of competent stylists and an employee responsible for lighting. This is normal, and we are used to it, because being human means questioning many things. It’s not bad or good, it’s just easier. The same goes for Hollywood. We view Hollywood through the lens of distrust. We ask questions about the appearance of actors, but how many of us think about such an interesting question as the real name of the star? Yes, the subject of our discussion, as you might have guessed, will be the question of whether the names of showbiz stars that we are used to hearing are real. To be very precise, we take names for granted, and we don’t think much about the fact that a name can be borrowed. Of course, some thoughts may creep into our heads if the name sounds ridiculous, but most often such cases are excluded. Let’s go from words to deeds and take a look at the 10 celebrities who changed their name.

1. Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle, now known as the Duchess of Sussex, was not always Meghan. We are so used to seeing this girl on TV that this news shocked many people at the time. But the most interesting thing about this story is that Megan’s name is her middle name, and her real name is Rachel. Yes, the same name that her character in Suits is known by.

10 Celebs Who Changed Their Names

2. Diane Keaton

One of the most charming blondes in Hollywood of her time, who will still give a head start to many young girls, Diane Keaton was not always so. The real name of the woman who played Annie Hall is Hall. Funny, isn’t it? The question that interests us most: is this fact a coincidence, or did woody Allen name his character after this woman? Unfortunately, there is no such information.

10 Celebs Who Changed Their Names

3. Ralph Lauren

A man who needs no introduction. A brand that has won millions of hearts around the world and continues to do so to this day. Ralph Lauren. It’s a hell of a name for a brand, considering that the real name of the person who founded it is behind the name. But is it real? Unfortunately, Ralph Lauren wasn’t always what the world knows him to be now. The real last name of this man is Lifshitz, and we believe that if the trendsetter had chosen this option, the brand itself would definitely not have had the success around the world that it has now.


4. Gigi Hadid

Another beautiful woman on our list who is soon to become a mother. This is about Gigi Hadid. Fortunately, this is the case that makes us think about the origin of the name. Gigi is really an unusual name, and many of us think that this is either an abbreviation of the full name, or a nickname, or a name characteristic of the location where Gigi was born. Let us remind you that Gigi’s mother is Danish and her father is Jordanian. Anyway, the name isn’t real. Gigi’s actual name is Jelena Noura Hadid, but her mother had always called her that when Gigi was a child. This is how the name of the girl appeared, which is now known to the whole world.

10 Celebs Who Changed Their Names

5. Meg Ryan

Another Hollywood actress we love so much is Meg Ryan. When it comes to shortening names, Meg’s name hasn’t always been that. And it’s not even Margaret. This actress was born Margaret Mary Emily Anne Hyra, but the name was so long, especially for a person of this profession for the reason that it was impossible to remember it, that the girl decided on a simple and pleasant option, which we know now. Meg Ryan.

6. John Legend

A person born with those initials was definitely born to kick bad guys’ asses or become a superstar. In principle, this is what happened, but the real name of John legend is not what we are used to seeing it on the screen. He was born John Roger Stephens. But who said that you are not the arbiter of your own destiny and you and only you will chew your way to success? This is what John legend did when he took these initials.

10 Celebs Who Changed Their Names

7. Nicki Minaj

One of the most influential female musicians of our time, Nicki Minaj has not always been one. When you enter the music industry, your name must be catchy and memorable to be constantly heard. Many artists completely change their initials to achieve this effect. In the case of Nicki Minaj, the girl only added a few letters to her new last name and slightly beat her. She was actually born Onika Tanya Maraj.

8. Nicolas Cage

One of the most famous and recognizable actors of his time, and to this day, is Nicolas Cage. But only a small number of people, or rather film enthusiasts, know that Nicolas Cage is a relative of the very famous Director Francis Ford-Coppola. And, Yes, Sofia Coppola is also related to Nicholas. Nicholas made a conscious choice and approached the name change wisely. He did not want to be associated as a relative of a famous director, so that he could make his own way as an actor. And we believe that he coped with his task brilliantly.

10 Celebs Who Changed Their Names

9. Olivia Wilde

Pretty cool name for a Hollywood actress. Olivia Wilde to this day remains a large-caliber actress, whose track record is numbered in dozens of films, but she was not always Olivia Wilde. We ask ourselves whether her last name was taken for the reason that she is a fan of the work of the Irish poet and writer Oscar Wilde, or whether she wanted her name to sound more wild. Anyway, it doesn’t matter, because the actress was born with the surname Cockburn. Two big differences, aren’t they?

10. Nina Dobrev

A very cool and unusual name, but a native of Bulgaria and a star of modern Hollywood also has a different surname. She was born Nikolina Konstantinova Dobreva, but for the sake of Hollywood success and recognition, the actress took a decisive step and corrected her name.