10 exotic celebrity pets choices

Celebrities love pets just as much as we do. But for some stars, it’s not enough to have a regular dog or cat — this would be too predictable. So here is the list of 10 unusual celebrity pet choices. It’s hard to decide which pet is the most exotic one, that’s why they are listed in alphabetical order.

Alpacas — Nicole Kidman

An alpaca looks like a llama but is smaller in size. Nicole has two of these white fluffy cuties, which further accentuates her sophistication. 10 exotic celebrity pets choices

Capuchin Monkey — Justin Bieber

The singer somehow bought this pet illegally and didn’t take any care of it. Fortunately, the German authorities found it out, took the monkey away, and saved it from malnutrition. After spending time with Bieber, the animal needed special treatment. 10 exotic celebrity pets choices

Bantam Chicken — Tori Spelling

Tori Spelling, best known for her role in Beverly Hills 90210, loves her Bantam Chicken Coco so much that she takes it out with her everywhere she goes. They even enjoy double-dressing sometimes (yes, the chicken has its own collection of outfits). 10 exotic celebrity pets choices

Chinchilla — Tom Felton

In real life, Draco Malfoy from Harry Potter avoids snakes, spiders, and other sleazy creatures. Instead, he’s been taking care of a chinchilla since 9 years old. The pet’s name is Stanley. 10 exotic celebrity pets choices

Kinkajou — Paris Hilton

The honey bear, also known as the kinkajou, normally leaves in the rainforests of South America. It might feel not quite comfortable when domesticated, that’s why it bit Paris in 2006. 10 exotic celebrity pets choices

Lemurs — Kristie Alley

This 90s star has a mini zoo in her house. There are 14 lemurs there and 2 people taking care of them 24/7. 10 exotic celebrity pets choices

Micro Pigs — David Beckham

These animals are called “teacup pigs”, but if you feed them well, they might grow up to 70 pounds. Victoria Beckham gave this couple as a present to David and named them after Elton John and his husband. 10 exotic celebrity pets choices

Peacocks — Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart has 13 peacocks, as well as canaries, geese, and chicken. In addition to birds, there are also horses and dogs in her collection. But the peacocks are of course the most gorgeous! 10 exotic celebrity pets choices

Pythons — Slash from Guns n’ Roses

The guitarist is doing his best to surround his pythons with care and comfort. He even ordered custom-made cages for them! 10 exotic celebrity pets choices

Wolf — Kristen Stewart

It’s just a half-wolf but certainly looks like a wild one. Kristen calls him Jack and says that he is really good-natured. Right pet for a person who is used to the company of werewolves and vampires! 10 exotic celebrity pets choices