10 Good and Quick, Easy Breakfast and Dinner Ideas

Have you ever thought about any specific ideas of what meals should be eaten at what time of day? It probably doesn’t surprise you that in today’s on-the-go life, 24/7 world snacking is a way of life. Have you ever divided foods into breakfast foods only, lunch only and dinner material? I firmly believe that this way deriving foods into categories is a relic of the past. One thing to remember – food is first and foremost is just food. Our bodies are absorbing every single nutrient, and it’s not wasting a single thing. Every person should be able to eat whatever they want whenever they want. You don’t need to think in categories – why do you think that eggs are a breakfast specific food? Why do people think you can have cereal for breakfast, but you can’t have soup? Who came up with all these rules? One person said that rules were meant to be broken, and we’re here to deliver some fun ways to make your meals cool and differents. Here are some of the good, quick and easy breakfast meals you can also have for lucheon. Check this out.

1. Breakfast pizza

One of our all-time absolute favorites. We used to think that pizza is a dinner type of food, but who really cares? Pizza consists of a ton of useful nutrients needed for an average person. Make sure you remember thay pizza is a perfect meal for any time of day. You can always reheat leftover pizza for breakfast just adding there some eggs and bacon or just reheat it for dinner. Use your imagination and try to use all the combos found online. We are sure, this would become your favorite too. 10 Good and Quick, Easy Breakfast and Dinner Ideas

2. Oil Poached Eggs on Avocado Toast

Avocado toasts have recently become rather popular, thanks to different food-bloggers throughout the social media, but have you ever tried adding some oil poached eggs on avo toasts? If not, please, make us a favor and try to do it the next morning. This lifehack works for any meal if you think about it. Carbs, protein and fat – you can find here everything your body need. Also don’t forget about the taste. It’s really incredible. 10 Good and Quick, Easy Breakfast and Dinner Ideas

3. Breakfast Tacos Made of Chorizo and Fried Eggs

One more example that breakfast can be good, healthy and different. Well, let’s be honest here. Tacos might be a job to do, especially if you don’t have enough time. But we can help you with a key to solution of this problem. Just make more Tacos for dinner, and you will have leftovers you can have for breakfast in the morning. Just heat your Tacos up, fry some eggs and add them to the dish. Trust us, this breakfast example is really trustworthy. 10 Good and Quick, Easy Breakfast and Dinner Ideas

4. Breakfast Burritos

There’s no problem a burrito can’t solve. Can you imagine an ordinary person say no to a burrito when offered? Well, this is next to impossible. One of the reasons burritos are the best is that you can make them with anything you like. It’s so much customisable, that you can make them with eggs, minced meat, chopped meat etc. The filling can be absolutely anything. You can also have burritos for dinner. Just make sure you have done enough, put them in a freezer and when the time comes – just reheat them and enjoy your meal. 10 Good and Quick, Easy Breakfast and Dinner Ideas

5. Breakfast Slab Pie

Conversation was irrelevant, only pie mattered. (c) When we speak of versatility we can always mention a pie. Do you want your pie to be sweet? Here we go. Do you want your pie to be savory? Here you are, sir. Pies are living proof everything is better when encased in dough. You can customise a pie up to you. Slab pie is pretty easy to make it and it also has a long storage life. Just put it in the fridge and it’ll last you a week. 10 Good and Quick, Easy Breakfast and Dinner Ideas

6. French Toast Bites

The French won’t mind if you have their traditional breakfast food for dinner, trust me. You may call it a snack, but I truly believe that french toast wasn’t meant just to be a breakfast food. This type of food should also be a perfect pick for dinner. Use your imagination and find your own way to make french toast bites. 10 Good and Quick, Easy Breakfast and Dinner Ideas

7. Tater Tot Pizza

I especially enjoyed the giant tater tot. (c) What’s the best way to start your breakfast or dinner with? The answer will be tater tot pizza. It’s very easy to make, because all the ingredients are so easily available. This tater tot pizza will satisfy your stomach and taste buds. Most of the ingredients can be obtained in your freezer right now. I mean, don’t you have tater tots in the freezer? Store-bought dough will also be a nice pick and work just fine. 10 Good and Quick, Easy Breakfast and Dinner Ideas

8. Green Omelette

If you’re striving for quick, yummy and healthy dinner – green omelette is your choice. Don’t listen to those telling you omelettes were created for breakfast purposes only. We firmly believe that it’s only about brainwashing. Look at this omellete and tell me: do you think it can’t be a helthy dinner? The answer is obvious. Make sure to try this great receipt. 10 Good and Quick, Easy Breakfast and Dinner Ideas

9. Portuguese Baked Eggs

Are you looking for a new recipe that works for brunch, dinner, and every meal in-between? Well then have we got the dish for you! These Portuguese-style baked eggs are hearty, savory, and so much delicious you will include this dish in your list. Make sure to add some Ricotta or Cheddar with jalapeño to them. After you try them, you’ll want to have them every week. 10 Good and Quick, Easy Breakfast and Dinner Ideas

10. Buckwheat Pancakes with Blue Cheese, Bacon and Maple Syrup

Pancakes is a top-dish nearly for everyone since childhood. Try adding blue cheese, bacon and maple syrup to the dish. The taste will never be the same again, and you will fall in love with this combination for many years to come. 10 Good and Quick, Easy Breakfast and Dinner Ideas