10 New Hair Color Trends in 2021

Pandemic and isolation are stressful for everyone, so changing your hair color can be your salvation in 2021. Plus, this procedure doesn’t require preparation or a lot of expense, and you get a cool look in return. When everything is believable to normal you might as well surprise your family and friends and if that seems appealing to you, here are the 10 hottest hair color trends!

1) Brown balayage 

Brunette women are often faced with the problem that their hair color seems too dull. Let’s take a look at brown balayage with which you add a lot of sunny hues but without it being too drastic a change. Ask your colorist about the available shades of brown to choose the best alteration.
10 New Hair Color Trends in 2021

2) Black diamond

The advantage of jet black is that it is suitable for any skin tone. With this technique, women express their strong character and charisma. Thanks to the black color, your strands will look shiny and healthy. On pale skin, it creates a “Snow White” effect and enhances the rich tones on dark skin. The essence of the trend is to make the black color of your hair as black and shiny as possible.
10 New Hair Color Trends in 2021

3) Face framing streaks 

You don’t want to dye your hair but at the same time, you have a desire to experiment? This is a great solution in the form of a pop of highlights that start at the part line in the front. You can also check out Bella Hadid’s two-toned streak that proves the fact that 90s colors are making a comeback and are having a big boom. It’s modern, it’s trendy, and it doesn’t take much effort.

4) Smoky ice

No, it’s nothing like the ashy blonde you have probably already tried. This is a whole new level and the beauty is that the icy shade can be interpreted into any color. It’s also a great way to hide existing shades of grey without using darker colors and rest assured, it looks gorgeous. Awaken your inner ice queen and give her freedom in a stylish and new shade. It’s versatile enough, but it looks better with a cooler skin tone. An icier beige is designed for warmer tones.

5) Blond balayage

This technique is particularly effective on curls and most importantly, it lacks the striped effect. Among other advantages, blond balayage provides natural color and is easy to regrow. It may not appeal to all women, but if you want to go blond, but do not want to change your look completely, it will be a great solution.

6) Almond edges

Soft nut tones with a warm essence will be one of the main trends for summer 2021. Almonds, walnuts, cashews, all these shades can be integrated into auburn and blonde hair if you want to add more delicate and lighter shades to your hair.

7) Cinnamon spice

Are you tired of brown strands already? OK, there’s an easy way to diversify them. Cinnamon spice will give your hair a new reddish hue and is an effective solution for those who are intrigued by red shades but don’t know how to use them. Cinnamon will add a subtle red hue that will warm you up this fall.
10 New Hair Color Trends in 2021

8) Red shades

All its shades are popular in 2021, so don’t be afraid to experiment. Regardless of your hair texture and skin type, you will get great results by dyeing your hair any shade of red. It’s no secret that this color expresses passion, love, and a person’s hot temperament. If you fit that description, it’s time for a little image change.

9) Shadow roots

If you feel comfortable at the beauty salon and even want to visit it more often, keep your roots dark and complement them with lighter ends. This is called “2021’s post-pandemic ombre,” and the beauty is that its maintenance is not as expensive as a real ombre. Dark roots with the brightest ends will create a stunning effect!
10 New Hair Color Trends in 2021

10) Winterizing

We’ve been through spring, summer, fall, and now we are slowly approaching winter. Preparing for the cold season means adjusting your current shades. The goal is to create a richer, fuller, and warmer look than you had in 2020. This could mean ribbons of deeper blond or adding blond to make your hair color look brighter and richer. Brunettes as well as blondes go with amber and gold tones.