10 red hair celebrities everyone loves

Most of these people feel special because of their hair color. In childhood, almost every one of them heard vile and offensive things. Sometimes it comes to the point of absurdity even in adulthood, but there are few red-haired people on the planet. Gingers make up less than 2% and it is amazing how many of them became celebrities. Here are 10 of the brightest stars we admire:

Julianne Moore

It is difficult to say for sure what the natural hair color of this lady is. However, her fans like this dark auburn look. Judging by the latest news, Julianne’s daughter has a similar shade of hair and sometimes it seems that they have a great hairdresser! 10 red hair celebrities everyone loves

Amy Adams

Amy is a brilliant actress who shows her talent not only in dramas but also in comedies. During her career, she twice conquered Golden Globes and several nominations for “Baftas” and “Oscars”. In recent years, her red hair has attracted so much attention that girls from around the world ask their hairdressers to find the same color. 10 red hair celebrities everyone loves

Lindsay Lohan

Many argue about what natural hair color Lindsay has. The actress painted them many times but just look at her baby photos. It can be assumed that Lindsay has always been ginger even when painted in brunette and blonde. A girl with another hair color cannot have freckles after all. From time to time, Lindsay Lohan returns to red. The last time she did it for a new role in a British show. 10 red hair celebrities everyone loves

Jessica Chastain

This talented actress and successful producer does not like to change hair color even for the biggest roles. In some interview, she did say how much she loves her hair. Sometimes she mentions grievances in childhood because children often teased her because of her hair color. Jessica says that hair is her main treasure. And when a new role requires a different hair color she just puts on a wig. 10 red hair celebrities everyone loves

Sophie Turner

Sophie has starred in many films and TV series. One of the most successful roles was her appearance in X-Men. Later, she starred in the Game of Thrones and received positive feedback from the audience. They liked Sophie’s red color and they were saddened to hear that in fact, she was always blonde. Sophie Turner tried to return to her favorite color during breaks, but it was bad for her long hair. She decided to stay among the gingers because this is what we love so much! 10 red hair celebrities everyone loves

Emma Stone

It may surprise many of you, but actually, Emma is blonde. She painted for one of the films and liked the new color so much that she decided not to return to white hair. Her agent says that Emma Stone chooses roles in which she will look great with red hair. 10 red hair celebrities everyone loves

Julia Roberts

Julia’s red hair brought her fame after the movie Pretty Woman. The director liked the curly red hair that became a trend after the premiere of the film. Even though she often changes her color and for a long time does not return to the redhead, she will always be ginger for us. 10 red hair celebrities everyone loves

Rupert Grint

Not for giggles, we thought this rating would be inferior without our beloved Ron Weasley. Fans of the Harry Potter story know that Rupert got the part precisely because of the color of his hair. It was a hallmark of the Weasley family. The actor received a lot of bullying in childhood but he never wanted to change his red hair. So now everyone knows him as Ron Weasley, even if he plays a role in another film. 10 red hair celebrities everyone loves

Lana Del Rey

These days Lana is getting darker but her fans love her like a ginger. Large chestnut locks were so beautiful that Lana Del Rey became famous around the world. We all hope to see her in the usual color, but according to the personal hairdresser of the celebrity, she is not going to do this in the near future. We love you, ginger. 10 red hair celebrities everyone loves

Christina Hendricks

She is by far the sexiest redhead in show business. Although she repeatedly said in an interview that this is not her natural color. She always smiled when people talked about the beauty of her hair. The truth is that Christina rarely visits a hairdresser. To save time, he dyes her hair at home and it always looks so cool! 10 red hair celebrities everyone loves Redheads often hear insults and corrosive jokes. However, they pride themselves on their hair showing it to the world. Our beloved actresses, singers, and producers will always find a reason to keep their red hair and show how cool they look.