10 top quality US cosmetics brands

1. Olay

Cosmetic products of this label are loved by many women who appreciate chic and effective care. Now the brand belongs to cosmetic giant Procter & Gamble and is developing actively. The company often pleases its admirers with revolutionary novelties and quality products for daily skin care. 10 top quality US cosmetics brands

2. Nude by Nature

The name of this Australian label is speaking for itself. Its products are completely natural and do not contain chemical additives. Regular use of cosmetics from Nude by Nature will improve the state of your skin, which will get a healthy look and firmness. 10 top quality US cosmetics brands

3. Mecca

Makeup products are designed to meet the individual requirements of different customers. Each girl will find the necessary make-up together with Mecca. 10 top quality US cosmetics brands

4. Stila Cosmetics

In 1994, the famous US make-up artist Janine Lobel founded the Stila trademark. The foundress was inspired by the catwalks and dressing rooms of Hollywood stars. First batches were produced for professional use by showbiz stars. But soon, cosmetics became widely available. 10 top quality US cosmetics brands

5. Anastasia Beverly Hills

During her work in a beauty salon, Anastasia Soare noticed that American women do not pay much attention to the eyebrows shape. The Romanian emigrant developed her own method of eyebrow correction, taking into account face shape, skin and hair color. Now Anastasia Beverly Hills is a world brand, which is popular in more than 25 countries. 10 top quality US cosmetics brands

6. Charlotte Tilbury

The trade mark was created in 2013. Main mission of English brand is to help women become more confident and attractive with the help of make-up. Charlotte Tilbury is a company for women who have limited time or experience, but want to feel their beauty. 10 top quality US cosmetics brands

7. Marc Jacobs Beauty

American fashion designer Marc Jacobs is the founder of the decorative cosmetics brand. The cosmetics line from Marc Jacobs Beauty is diverse and includes products designed for makeup and manicure. 10 top quality US cosmetics brands

8. Avon

Trademark proven over the years and with a successful track record. Avon is available thanks to its low prices, easy to use and no less quality than expensive luxury brands. 10 top quality US cosmetics brands

9. Make Up For Ever

The wide colours range and texture variety of French cosmetics will satisfy the requirements of the most sophisticated consumer. Make Up For Ever is used in film production, photo shoots with elite models and body art exhibitions. The brand started its activity in 2009 and within ten years has become one of the leaders in the cosmetics market. 10 top quality US cosmetics brands

10. RMS Beauty

RMS Beauty produces natural cosmetic products that have a wellness effect for the face. No genetically modified additives, gluten & soya are used in the production of these cosmetics. 10 top quality US cosmetics brands