10 Up-to-Date Facts About Actress Mila Kunis

1. What some people think when it comes to the wedding rings The price determines the quality. But not for Mila and her husband. The price for her ring from Etsy was $90, and her husband’s was $100. Incredible.

2. While being a kid, Mila attended school at Ucla. When she finished it, she decided to enter Loyola Marymount University. But her graduation wouldn’t have happened, since she made a decision to drop out soon after she entered. One of the best decisions she’s ever made We think, it’s. Whatever happens, listen to your heart.

3. Mila is lucky to have a unique condition known as heterochromia iridis. For those not familiar with the this – this condition allows a person to have one eye of brown color and the second of green color. It may be a real blessing from an aesthetic point of view, but in Mila’s case this condition caused her chronic inflammation in her iris, which was resulted in blindness until she got surgery to make everything alright.

4. A real lady can rock any look, no matter what kind of make up she puts on her face. Mila is really hot with smoky eyes, but luckily for her skin, she doesn’t prefer to wear any. Mila prefers to appear fresh-faced when she’s not on camera. She also monitors the condition of her hair and she tries to wash her hair less often, because, according to her words, she values her time and don’t want to spend much time on such things. Despite of that, she has a huge respect for those who do.

5. Everyone wants to follow an American Dream, but at what price
When she and her family moved to America (it was 1991), they had only $250 as extra money. Hopefully for their family, nowadays they don’t have to worry about money anymore.

6. Every little girl dreams of having a beautiful and blonde doll Barbie. Mila Kunis went even further – her first job as an actor was starring in a Barbie commercial for a toy. What happened next The toy never hit the shelves of stores. But Mila wasn’t discouraged, and later got a credited role on Days of our Lives.

7. If not acting, Mila would be a natural in sales. Once, she used to have a little E-shop on Ebay with one of her best friends. They specialized on Boy’s band business and made something like an official merch of Backstreet Boys and NSYNC by placing prints on the t-shirts. They bought them for lower price, then resold them for higher amounts online.

8. Mila had about three injuries while training for the role for Black Swan with Natalie Portman. She had a torn calf ligament, got back scars from her lifts and also shoulder injury. Who else thinks that ballerina’s life is that easy

9. If you want to get into the role of a nerd, you should be a nerd. It was easy for Mila to play on Family Guy as she’s the one in real life. If you had a chance to meet the guys who’re obsessed with Star Trek, you should know how they call themselves. A trekkie. Mila’s too a huge fan of Star Trek, so it wasn’t really difficult for her to play the role on Family Guy.

10. If you ever had a chance to watch From Dusk till Dawn The Series, then we don’t need to explain who Wilmer Valderrama is. He was the one who taught Mila Kunis how to drive. Is there any Valderrama driver’s academy out there If you know anything, let us know.