10 Viral TikTok Recipes You Must Try

If you’re one of those people who thinks that TikTok is filled with nothing but teenagers who just giggle, you’re not exactly right. Like all social media platforms, there are different corners and people here, and some of them will be quite helpful to you. Tiktok has educators, there are also lawyers and even accountants here on this platform, but there is also that part of TikTok that is dedicated to food making with quick and yummy recipes. So these are a few of the trendiest recipes we have come across here, which you should try to make at least once.

  1. Japanese Pancakes

The pancakes are ultra-great as it is, but we have seen all these fluffy Japanese crepes and have wished we could try them. And TikTok is pleased to give this video step-by-step tutorial to you about how you can make it in your home, and it’s pretty easy to do so.

  1. Dalgona’s Matcha

You probably know the Dalgona’s coffee craze circulating on the Web not so long time ago. So, that’s its cousin – Dalgona Matcha. It is green, beautiful, delicious as well as tasty looks like.

  1. Fried Corn Ribs

Everyone and their mom seem to have bought themselves a deep fryer last year. So this recipe sounds very appropriate. Corn as an alternative for real ribs? Oh, and it’s air fried with less oil. So what is not to be liked?

  1. Crème Brûlée

We are not master chefs around here, so don’t know about a classic recipe for crème brûlée. But we do know that making it must be pretty complicated. TikTok has a simpler way for you to make it, and obviously still tastes very good.

  1. Sushi Wrap

TikTok has tortilla wraps everywhere, but as long as you are trying not to eat too much bread, you should try this. It’s so darn delicious as well as healthy since you are just using the nori sheet as a wrap that doesn’t have any calories.

  1. Sushi Bake

Okay, we are aware that it probably sounds like a real anti-sushi crime, but you have to try it. As soon as you do, you will change your mind, cause it’s so delicious!

  1. Baked Pasta

This home-made meal never looked so great, though again, and we wouldn’t say that an easy recipe of pasta has never gone so viral before. So put it this way, it has gone viral for a solid reason. You should try and make it.

  1. Tortilla Folds

Oh, we should have included at least one of these, okay? This one’ so easy yet that’s essential genius, which is all in TikTok.

  1. Cake Made from Oatmeal

Ordinary oatmeal never has looked so nice. So let’s launch a revolution in breakfast eating and making it a norm. All of us deserve to have cake in our morning meal.

  1. Tea Bomb

It is probably the best way of drinking tea because it’s fun and enjoyable for your eyes.