12 Nicola Coughlan Memorable Looks in Bridgerton

Bridgerton is filled with colors that represent various symbols. Penelope, of course, is no exception as well. Her colorful outfits have their own unique story to tell. Penelope is the only character here who wears yellow colors. Although the lady often complains about it, yellow was the very fashionable color of that stunning era. Many of Bridgerton’s stories are conveyed through similar extravagant outfits, as extravagant as the characters, including Penelope.

Like the rest of Penelope’s relatives, her mother is a maximalist. She believes in the “more is more” philosophy. The woman dresses her daughters in a bright color palette because she wants them to be seen and wants to show off their beauty. Occasionally the entire series seems like a fashion parade, with each one trying to outshine the other one. And we also enjoy the portrayal of the oversized queen among the show’s size zeros, and Nicola Coughland as Bridgerton looks just as grand.

  1. Here the viewers see Penelope not wearing her usual accessory adornments. However, the floral additions to her red wig are flawless as usual. The dress this time is a mixture of peach tones, which is completed with a golden sunset, which matches beautifully with Penelope’s hair.
  2. The dress has sunset patterns too, with sherbet backgrounds that remind spectators of Penelope Fiserington’s other candy-inspired outfits. Fluffy sleeves adorn the patterned dress, which has levels as well as closed flowers’ buds. We are not really sure what it is, but we are obsessed a bit.
    12 Nicola Coughlan Memorable Looks in Bridgerton
  3. The elegant pink look is more delicate than the ones our heroine is usually wearing. We love these deep floral inserts on Penelope’s sleeves, and the floral element on the chest with black lace trim is gorgeous at all. The transparent pink polka-dot gloves make the look as harmonious as it is possible.
  4. The pink color in this look is clearly more than Penelope is normally used to. Yes, it certainly goes well with her pale skin. This time, Penelope chooses an opaquer glove with prim details. The floral trim on this outfit of hers is filled with not too bright colors as Penelope likes. A necklace top added brightness and sparkle to this already eye-catching look.
  5. Ms. Featherington shows off the classically minimal look here when she is hanging out with her best friend. As always, it is all flowers, complete with a beautiful embroidered pattern as well as her matching necklace. Here even her hair seems like the bouquet with bright yellow feathers plus the fancy pink flowers.
  6. The ruching motifs featured throughout this dark-yellow outfit, complete with a necklace, really accentuate Coughlan’s amazing figure. So instead of the flowers, we got a butterfly-embellished look this time. Eventually, even the embroidery on the bustier appears to be a massive but graceful butterfly due to the elaborate design.
    12 Nicola Coughlan Memorable Looks in Bridgerton
  7. It is one of those very few times when we see her without obviously bright colors, and we are in raptures about the look. Her creamy long gloves combined with gold embroidery are what makes Penelope a style queen. And this accessory, which looks like a paradise bird, seems to work as this excessive detail because the rest of her look is turned a little subdued out.
  8. These rosy gloves reappear wearing a slightly different yellow dress this time. But that silk shawl sure adds some depth, and so does the graceful feather emanating from her hair curls. The tones of her embroidery are the predictably bright colors that mom of Penelope usually chooses for her to wear.
  9. It’s like having a breath of air to seeing a more sophisticated look with none of the jewelry and flamboyance. The sparkling necklace here as the lone slightly bright detail of this dress is in a lovely subtle faded yellow with small flowery elements.
    12 Nicola Coughlan Memorable Looks in Bridgerton
  10. Her dresses are always on-trend. But what consistently impresses me most is the details and how well each of Penelope’s outfits matches up with the accessories she uses with it. That botanical necklace matches the subtle vines of flowers around this starlet’s breast as well as, of course, those dainty earrings.
  11. The only time Penelope was seen in green color. Together with the romantic wing sleeves, a beautiful necklace plus a headpiece crafted of beads, the color adds a completely new look to the typically rosy pink and yellow Penelope.
    12 Nicola Coughlan Memorable Looks in Bridgerton
  12. This Penelope’s look is remarkable because it combines two of her favorite colors. Of course, the colors are yellow & pink. This rack, the bustier, is characterized by an intricate pleat. But the real drama is in these ruffled sleeves featuring the tiniest flowers.