Anya Taylor-Joy has been in the spotlight on social media in recent months. The Argentine-British actress splendidly played the lead role in the Netflix series about an outstanding chess player who managed to outwit her rivals and rose to the top of the chess Olympus. The Queen’s Gambit is just one of the many performances of the actress, who has a very extraordinary biography. Here are some curious facts about Anya that you probably didn’t know.

  1. Anya Josephine Marie Taylor-Joy, who was born April 16, 1996, is the daughter of immigrants. Her father is Argentinian-Scottish, and her mom has British roots. Due to this, as a child, Anya spent a lot of time in her parents’ homelands in Buenos Aires and London.
  2. She has five younger siblings. Do you think it is easy to have five younger bros and sis? Sure Anya had a difficult childhood.
    What is Anya Taylor-Joy Really Like
  3. As a child, she spoke Spanish because most of her early years were spent in Argentina. Anya began to learn English only when her family migrated to England.
  4. In high school, she became a professional model and the face of some famous brands plus fashion magazines and even participated in several music clips. While in junior school, Anya got interested in posing in front of the photo camera. The first photographer was her mom, and it is worth noting that the pictures turned out very cute, thus prompting the girl to become a fashion model.
  5. Later she realized that she wanted to be an actress and focused her attention on acting. Anya debuted in 2014. She played a small role in Vampire Academy. A bit later, viewers saw Anya in the TV series “Endeavour.”
  6. Already on the third filming in her life, Anya met with the actor Allen Leech, who introduced the actress to his agent, and he immediately find a job for the girl. “The Witch” was Taylor-Joy’s first big audition for the lead role. Anya was approved for the film, and after the movie premiered, she woke up as a famous person.
    What is Anya Taylor-Joy Really Like
  7. Furthermore was the protagonist role in the thriller “Morgan” where she played a human and machine hybrid, and then – Split by M. Night Shyamalan. And already 2016, Anya Taylor-Joy is known as the new “scream queen.” The actress gets this status for her impressive performance in horrors.
  8. In 2017, Anya Taylor-Joy was a BAFTA nominee in the Rising Star category and was awarded the Trophée Chopard at Cannes as the most promising talent. Despite her still young age, the actress has already managed to win eight awards at film festivals in various nominations.
  9. While Taylor-Joy’s new works fill not only cinemas but also streaming platforms, one of her projects hasn’t had too much luck. You’ve probably guessed that we’re now talking about Illyana Rasputina, played by Anya, in the sci-fi action movie “The New Mutants.” The film has gone through several reshoots and has repeatedly changed its release date, starting from 2018. Finally, in August 2020, the movie was shown in limited release, and only in the U.S.
  10. The Queen’s Gambit captured the hearts of viewers around the world from its first episode. The series shows a talented girl who discovered the world of chess and became so enthusiastic about the game that she couldn’t even imagine her life without it. Maybe Anya managed to perform this role so well, because in many ways similar to her character?
    What is Anya Taylor-Joy Really Like
  11. Recently the actress told the secret of her success. Anya admitted that during the last years, she often had to act on several cinema projects at once. To not burn out at work, the girl sometimes had to take breaks to ‘reload.’
  12. In 2021, George Miller wants to start shooting a new “Mad Max” movie. This film will be a prequel to the successful 2015 blockbuster. In the project, Miller plans to tell the story of young Furiosa, the main heroine of Fury Road, who graciously took the spotlight away from Max. Try to guess with one shot who will play the role of young Furiosa in this movie?