10 Popular Makeup Mistakes That Have the Opposite Effect

Many people believe that they can fix these or those problems, namely dull and tired skin with spectacular makeup. This is partly true, but there are popular mistakes that make your skin even more tired. Plus, if someone told you that you look sleepy even though you’ve slept enough, it’s probably a makeup mistake.


Fortunately, the situation is easy to fix. By learning about these mistakes, you can avoid the negative effects of makeup and enhance your natural beauty!

1) Too much eyeliner

When buying another eyeliner, you think it will make your eyes more expressive and attractive, right? But the abundant use of this cosmetic tool makes your eyes unnaturally tired. It can look even worse if you decorate your tired red eyes with black or brown eyeliner. What to do? Try using a lighter pencil on your lower eyelid, but make sure it’s darker than your skin tone.
10 Popular Makeup Mistakes That Have the Opposite Effect

2) Bronze and silver eyeliner

Cool skinned girls often make the mistake of using bronze shades. It also looks bad if you are using silver eyeliner on warm skin. This is why your skin can look so tired. All you need is the right eyeliner for your skin type!
10 Popular Makeup Mistakes That Have the Opposite Effect

3) Your morning doesn’t start with a moisturizer

Many women face the problem of old skin. Of course, we cannot fight nature, but there is a great way to slow down this effect. No matter how often you apply makeup, you will look your best with hydrated skin. This is especially important in cold and windy weather when the skin dries too quickly. If you are concerned about sunburn, choose the right cream at the nearest store.

4) Powder? Not too much!

Experts recommend using small amounts of cosmetics to avoid negative consequences. If you are going to use powder, you must be aware that it dries out the skin and leads to its accelerated aging. You can experiment with creams and liquid formulas, but if the powder is an essential part of your daily makeup, make it a translucent one.

5) More blush

This is perhaps one of the most popular mistakes among girls of any age. It always seems to them that there is not enough blush on their faces. This cosmetic should make your skin glow, but it will look bad if you use too much blush. By the way, it works great when paired with a moisturizer.
10 Popular Makeup Mistakes That Have the Opposite Effect

6) Gray makeup

This technique has become very popular in recent days, and you’ve probably seen this tutorial online before. Before incorporating it into your daily routine, make sure it doesn’t have any negative consequences. For many people, gray makeup is a mistake that ages their skin, and you hardly want to have this experience.

7) Wrong undereye concealer kind

Do your friends and colleagues often say you have bags under your eyes? Perhaps this is due to the undereye concealer, namely its wrong kind. Too bright and dark shades look fake, and you get bags under the eyes attracting the attention of others. Also, you should apply concealer in a well-lit room.

8) You do not put foundation on right

Foundation is a salvation for many girls, but many of them do not know how to use it correctly. Their skin looks too tired, and to prevent this effect, make sure the tone of the foundation matches your skin tone. If you are not sure how to choose it correctly, ask the consultant in the store for help. Secondly, do not apply a large amount of foundation.
10 Popular Makeup Mistakes That Have the Opposite Effect

9) Wrong shade of red lipstick

Many experts will advise you to choose “pure” red. This means you get a real red without the oranges and pinks that don’t make your lips look so attractive. Plus, pure red suits all skin tones and complements most evening/daily outfits.

10) You are using too much makeup

This is the biggest mistake and if you have encountered it, start fixing the situation right now. As well as not having enough makeup, its excessive wearing is tiring and dulls your skin. The solution is to choose multitasking products. It can be a foundation infused with moisturizers, a suitable primer, and other products.
10 Popular Makeup Mistakes That Have the Opposite Effect