Many have already forgotten or don’t care much about their troubled romances or tragic divorces, but we remember. The British royal family is filled with huge and controversial scandals that the Internet will never forget. Here are some of the royal family’s most resounding scandals.

The interview by Meghan & Harry

We finally got a nice sit-down with the renegades, Meghan with Harry, after several long months of enduring waiting. The interview was just a few weeks ago – March 7. It revealed lots of unpleasant royal family secrets, such as their blatant racism directed at Archie as well as Meghan, who were denied any kind of help and support from the British family after they contemplated suicide. Perhaps it will help for British people to overthrow the monarchs once and for all.
British Royal Family's Greatest Scandals

The scandalous brooch

Princess Michael of Kent wore a very controversial accessory at one of Buckingham Palace’s traditional gala banquets – a brooch in the shape of a black servant. No need for us to tell you how confusing the situation became. This accessory began a controversial discussion that turned into a nationwide scandal. In an attempt to smooth things over, royalty made a claim that the trinket is a present, and the brooch was already worn numerous times and said that the Princess was deeply upset and sorry that it had hurt someone’s feelings.
British Royal Family's Greatest Scandals

Divorce of Prince Charles and Diana

The couple’s divorce was a true national tragedy. It had taken a few years to complete the divorce proceedings, and in that time their two names made headlines all over Britain’s tabloids. First, transcripts of the princess’s private conversations with her lovers were leaked. And a bit later, the prince’s relationship with Camilla was in the world’s spotlight. Later, Diana said in a shocking interview that there had always been the three of them. It became clear to everyone that it was about Charles’ mistress. Of course, the royal family members were shocked by what the princess told the audience. Not only the family drama between Diana and Charles but also the fact that Diana admitted to slitting her wrists and suffering from bulimia. The divorce was finalized in 1996, and a year later Diana was tragically lost in a traffic accident.
British Royal Family's Greatest Scandals

The romance of Margaret and Peter Townsend

Margaret’s rebellious character was always well-known. When Elizabeth was coronated, the princess picked out a thread sticking to the uniform of Peter Townsend. The whole world learned of their romance at this moment. After a while, the lovebirds resolved to get wedded. Though Peter was already a father of two children and there was not a bit of blue blood inside of him. Such a marriage was considered impossible by the Church, only Elizabeth was the final deciding figure. She asked her sister to think about it, and after a few years, Margaret chose to stay in the family. Like the song says: ” It is all about money.”

British Royal Family's Greatest Scandals

Princess Margaret’s divorce

Do you remember how the Princess married the British photographer? Oh, it has been the first time that a royal marriage has been televised. A few years later, the “sacred union” between them became far less sacred. The two were fighting in public. Margaret even was on vacation without her hubby and were many rumors of her romance. The couple declared their separation in 1976, and they officially divorced about two years later. The divorce was the first royal separation since Henry VIII’s reign, as far back as the 1500′.
British Royal Family's Greatest Scandals

Prince Harry’s Crazy Youth

Nowadays, Harry seems to be a good prince, spouse, and dad, but in his younger days, he liked to get crazy. Partying every day, drinking too much, and being in clubs with women of dubious repute – Harry used to have it all. Once his one-night stands made headlines, the prince was straightened up for a bit. However, the main damage was done when pictures with him naked were scattered in the newspapers when Harry was lost at Vegas’s strip pool.