4 best ways to get back to everyday routine without leaving home

Ratplay Normplay: You cannot imagine the life of a New Yorker without these little creatures. Many people have probably seen a rat finishing a dinner, the remains of which were left on the table or how the tail creature washed in a cup of tea. Underground rodents are rightful participants in public life. The most important point is not to step on a rat when you rush a train. It’s best to play ratplay if you have a loved one or a roommate. All you need to do, is armed with a broom and run after each other around the apartment. Change roles so that everyone can feel himself both rat and rat-catcher. 4 best ways to get back to everyday Alternate Side Parking Normplay: All car owners in New York City miss this traffic rule, which was invented so long ago, that its creator is not alive anymore. More than three weeks have passed since drivers no more need to move their cars from one side of the street to another to not break the law. Just remember when you rushed to do this to avoid paying a high fine. This is the favorite law of parking men, walkers and cyclists who laughed when they saw the nervous owner of the car. If you lack stress, this can be simulated at home. It is very simple and will create a stressful situation that you are missing. First, draw the road signs with small incomprehensible letters. Make sure you write a lot of different holidays, you can even come up with some festivals yourself. The more difficult it is to understand what is written on the signposts, the better to simulate the stresses that New York City drivers find themselves in every day. Place fake road signs on opposite sides of the room. Then move all the furniture in this room from one side to the other. After you have dragged all the furnishings to where you are allowed to park, you will remember this unforgettable experience. Museum Normplay: New York museums have been closed since the beginning of March and it is not known how many more will be restricted for visitors. Since we don’t have the physical ability to visit the museum, we will move there virtually from home and comply with self-quarantine. We will need all the pictures and photos that we have in the house. They need to be placed on the walls of your house. For absolute realism should be on the cards to write a biography of the artists and the sense that the author of the artwork has invested in his creation. When all the pictures are placed on the walls and pretentious blurbs on the cards are written, the job is done. You can also make frames for the paintings from your furniture, but this will require the skills of a woodworker. When your home museum is ready to welcome visitors, invite your roommates and pets on an exciting excursion. 4 best ways to get back to everyday Broadway Normplay: Broadway lanterns have been off for more than a month. Traditional joy for many New Yorkers is also as dark as almost all the city’s institutions. Even the optimistic Broadway has failed to resist the onslaught of the coronavirus. But we can have a show right in our living room. It’s not as hard as it looks at first. We need to create a playlist with our favorite musical songs and make a fake scene. You can use the bed or even the dining table for that. Also, we’ll need all the dolls and stuffed animals that we’ll find in our apartment. All these surrogates will be the public, and you will be the star of the evening. To look brilliant on an improvised stage, we’ll need bright outfits. Wear an old shiny hat, a glossy shirt, the most elegant shoes and bravely climb to the table for the performance. Your loved ones or roommates will do a great job of accompanying you in the musical. The show must go on!