Kristen Stewart: Life’s path is steep

Have you ever seen a “Twilight” movie? Don’t rush to answer, probably the answer will be positive. Most famous for her role as Isabella “Bella” Swan in The Twilight Saga, this woman has been hard-working as an actor since her early years in Los-Angeles, the place she was born. Despite of her stratospheric launch into the Hollywood’s elite and commercial success of the franchise ($12.5 million for the role in each film alongside with her ex Robert Pattinson), she stayed true to her roots and worked on a number of indie projects (Welcome to the Rileys, 2010), which has given her an opportunity to win 2010 BAFTA Rising Star Award and best actress at the Milan International Film Festival. Kristen is a member of the LGBT+ community and said she endured a long struggle understanding her identity, but right now she’s happy since the problem is no longer exists. About Kristen Stewart today

From being loved in Twilight to “Hollywood’s most hated woman”

Let’s travel back in time to 2007 when the first movie was released. No need to say that 12 years ago this movie became an overnight blockbuster smash and became a real cultural phenomenon. After the role of Bella Swan, a different girl, never caring about fitting in with the trendy girls at her Phoenix high school, being moody and never smiling-teen, Kristen has come a long way to discover her own identity and grow as a woman. She has always been criticized for being unemotional on the screen, but her fans covered her back and helped her to overcome all the difficulties, including panic attacks she was having all the road to her success. Don’t forget, she was only 17 when she played in the first Twilight film. About Kristen Stewart today

Showing versatility

The biggest curse and the biggest blessing in Kristen Stewart’s career, according to the popular opinion, is “The Twilight saga”. Well, it actually is, but let’s take a closer look. Stewart has always been a presence on the indie scene, and these films catapulted her to a high level of global scene. Buried in glasses and tattoos, the actress fully inhabits her role as a credible young woman riddled with self-doubt (“Clouds of Sils Maria”). Her memorable performance in this film has given her an opportunity to become the first ever American to win France’s prestigious Caesar Award. She also had a prominent roles in (The Huntsman) and in (Snow White) that let critics remember she’s not only “that girl from Twilight”.

Stewart’s coming out

Having long and memorable relationship with her co-star Robert Pattinson started in 2009, Kristen Stewart hosted Saturday Night Live and dropped an important line during her important speech she is fluid. “I’ve been talking about it for a really long time! I’ve lived pretty openly,” she told EW; she had been photographed in the last few years with girlfriend St. Vincent’s Annie Clark. The SNL moment, however, was the first time meaningful. This was the time people understood she’s none of the helpless character she played in Twilight, but a strong woman claiming her rights to be happy. About Kristen Stewart today

Being true to your inner self

As of today, Kristen Stewart only takes roles that she’s interested in. We all dream of accepting ourselves as who we really are, and Kristen’s journey through the fire and flames is a perfect example what many teenage girls should be inspired by. She grew a strong woman with her own opinion, no matter she was bullied and ridiculed by critics for the parts she played. She learned from her own mistakes and made millions of other believe that sometimes achieving your goals is a long-way road. Her communicating about her personal identity helped her to be the most authentic her than ever. First rule for everyone to be remembered anytime – every time stay true to yourself, everything will fall into place eventually.

About Kristen Stewart today

About Kristen Stewart today It’s rather hard to say that Kristen Stewart has recently just turned 30. She has come a long way from gaining her first real acclaim alongside Jodie Foster, in Panic room, when she was just a 10 years old kid to a grown-up confident woman. You may love her or not, but it’s obvious she will continue to land major Hollywood film roles and we’ll be hearing her name for a long time. Just like “Underwater” she recently starred in, she will continue to evolve in her acting career. Right now Kristen is in a relationship with female screenwriter Dylan Mayers, and it seems to be they do really have more in common than with anyone ever. Meyers has said on her social media that she’s “in love”. And we have nothing, but believe Speaking about the whole Kristen’s career, we absolutely sure that she’ll be heading towards the success no matter the cost is. Being a 20-year veteran to Hollywood, being confident all the way, we believe and hope her next step in the career would be the fabulous story of her relationship. Good luck, Kristen!