6 Best Summer Herbs and Delicious Ways to Use Them

Herbs grown with your own hands give your dish not only a zest, but also allow your ego to organize a celebration on this occasion, especially if the herbs will appeal to your guests. It is worth noting that herbs are useful not only for the digestive system, but also for obtaining the necessary micro and macro elements that are so necessary for any body. What’s the best way? No, it is not necessary to go to the nearest store to buy, if only for the reason that most of the herbs presented on the shelves have already passed the processing process and have lost most of their useful properties.
Has it occurred to you that you want to take up gardening? Believe me, the best way in this case is to start small, because almost the entire list of summer herbs listed below you can grow right on the balcony, and it will not cost you any heavy effort.
Can you imagine that one of the guests will praise the taste of herbs in the dish, and you will be proud to tell them that you have grown them yourself? That’s what it is. Let’s look at a list of summer herbs that you can start growing right from tomorrow.

1. Basil

Basil is the basis for many dishes. It is fair to say that basil is a classic among herbs. If you didn’t know, you don’t have to go to the store all the time to fill up your inventory. Basil is quite easy to care for, and to make sure – buy a few bunches of this herb, come home and just put it in a glass filled with water. It will take no more than a day when you will see that the grass has taken root. After that, put the stems of this plant in a pot or in a convenient place for you, adapted for this purpose. Voila, you can consider that you now have an almost infinite supply of Basil, you only need to keep up with it a little bit. Basil will not only give your dishes the freshness of herbs, but also decorate any dish. You can add it wherever you want, but basil goes best with pasta and pizza. Believe me, adding just a couple of leaves you will feel like you are somewhere in Napoli and have a real pizza from the oven, like a native Italian.

6 Best Summer Herbs and Delicious Ways to  Use Them

2. Chives

Chives is ab essential element when vitamins are needed, especially in winter, when the body needs to fight bacteria. It is very easy to grow it directly in a pot on your windowsill, and do not be afraid that it will spoil. Just put it in a pot, water it regularly, and watch it grow quickly. You don’t need to get the chives out by the root, you just cut off as much as you need with scissors and continue to sprout it. Chives will not only be a great addition to breakfast in the form of sandwiches or an omelet supplement, but also a great addition for homemade sauces or food to accompany the main course.

3. Oregano

One of the first herbs that comes to mind when you mention pizza is oregano. Let’s be honest: who doesn’t like oregano? The taste of oregano is unique, and it can not be confused with anything, no matter what form you eat it. You can add it both raw and dried. You can add it to the meat when you twist it on a grater to add a unique taste and aroma to it, you can add it to potatoes in the oven or to any other dish. In the case of dried oregano, you should be careful, because you can easily overdo it, so carefully monitor the amount of added ingredient in your dish.
Oregano is easy to care for, and no manipulation is required when growing it, so it should definitely be on your list when it comes to growing herbs.

4. Rosemary

The smell and taste of rosemary are incredible. Have you ever tried that $10 lemonade in a bar? Be sure there was rosemary. The taste of rosemary makes any dish incredibly fresh and you do not notice how you can not tear yourself away from it. Growing rosemary is quite simple, like all the above herbs, because it does not require special care. You can add rosemary to absolutely all the dishes you want. You can add it to your lemonade to make it taste fresher. You can add it to the meat during roasting, and then pull out its twigs. You can add it when cooking soup, salad, or anything else. But the absolute favorite is rosemary, added and infused in olive oil. Salads with this additive are incredibly fragrant and fresh.

5. For some reason, dill is always the most underrated herb, and we believe this is a very big mistake. First, dill is useful both raw and dried, and it is very easy to store it in a frozen state. Dill is perfectly combined with almost all types of soups, and its taste, which gives the dish freshness, can not be confused with anything. You can add it to both meat and salads as a dressing, or you can just crumble it and add it to the sauce. Believe me, the taste will be just unforgettable.

6. Mint

What is the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to summer herbs? Of course, we are talking about mint, the Queen of almost all drinks. You can add mint almost anywhere: you can add it to a soda and make homemade lemonade that will not yield a drop to any store, you can grind mint and add it to a couple of ice cream balls, or add it raw to cocktails, for example, in a Mojito. Believe me, mint will become an indispensable ingredient on your table, especially at parties with friends.