6 ridiculous traits of female beauty in the 1960s

Female beauty standards change from decade to decade, and sometimes the preferences of our very recent ancestors seem really weird to us. These are 6 traits of female beauty that were widely popular in the 1960s but don’t seem that appealing to us anymore.

No curves

  In the 1960s, the curvey silhouette of Marilyn Monroe went out of fashion. Instead, Twiggy became the main role model for women all over the world. Skinny, with a flat chest and bum, she set the standard for podium models that remains relevant till today. It was in the 1960s that women became really obsessed with cellulite and extra weight. For the first time in modern history, they tried to get rid of these extra inches by using special rolling pins. Men didn’t mind it at all. No curves

Androgynous looks

Androgyny used to be a big trend in the 1920s, and in the 1960s it came back into fashion. The boundaries between male and female styles were blurred, bold and daring unisex clothing was invented and remained popular ever since. Men enjoyed this trend just as much as women. Androgynous looks

Mini skirts and long legs

Extremely short skirts were so in vogue in the 1960s that women eagerly left their legs exposed at any time of the day. Being leggy was trendy, and special shoe-styles were designed to emphasize the length of female legs. Predictably, women took great care of the shape of their limbs. Mini skirts and long legs

Toned-up bodies

Female sport was a hot new trend for the 1960s. No one seriously believed that it was there to stay. Yet women practiced sports eagerly, showcasing their slim figures and beautiful muscles. Toned-up bodies

Long hair

Both men and women opted for long hair to express their liberation from the conservative traditions and to emphasize how different they were from the previous generations. For them, it was a kind of rebellion that looked at the same time sexy and natural. Long hair


Smoking was synonymous with elegance, sexiness, and femininity. In the eyes of men of that time, a smoking woman looked refined and attractive. People already knew that tobacco is bad for health, but still, they made this sacrifice for the sake of beauty. Smoking


So these are the 6 trends that set the tone for female beauty in the 1960s. Some of them might come back one day. Others, like smoking, will probably become even more obsolete over the course of time. Anyway, it’s funny to realize that just a few decades ago you could have been body-shamed for a chest that was not flat!