7 Absolutely Accurate Ways to Boost Your Immunity According to Ayurveda

A few months ago our way of living has drastically changed. We were not really ready the things would be like that, but this is the reality. A lot of us are sitting at home right at the moment and having more spare time than we asked for. What’s the best way to spend some quality time? Of course, it’s about how to use the time well and boost your health! What is ayurveda? Ayurveda is a holistic medical science and living philosophy. It was developed about five thousands years ago during India’s advanced civilization. It is known as the “knowledge of a long and healthy life”. Ayurveda strives for harmony of body and soul of each human being. Do you take any supplements? Maybe take any weird procedures hoping for the best? Ayurveda teaches how to boost your immune system and improve your health without taking any whimsical supplements. What makes Ayurveda so much fun is that you might have to experiment with some herbs and roots you’ve never tried before. Let’s get to the good part of our article and try to take care of ourselves and find new ways to become much more healthier than before. Here are 7 sure-proof ways to boost your immunity according to Ayurveda’s philosophy.

Eat less

In today’s reality being healthy is much more important than ever before. A diet, thay contains all the necessary nutrients, is important. Different types of food contribute to create different energies in your body. Tamasic food is not our choice since it makes you feel depressed and slow. Most meats, oils, wheat, processed foods are tamasic. Rajasic foods are somewhere in the middle. They may be irritating, thus also stimulating. This type of food is spicy, hot and salty. Rajastic list of foods: spinach, shrimps, potato, fish, cauliflower, banana, buckwheat and many more. The best choice for life is Sattwic food, because it’s the lightest. It helps you to calm your nerves and to feel more relaxed, it promotes health and overall well-being. Sattvic foods are: yoghurt, mung beans, sweet potato, organic milk, mango, coconut, fresh greens, etc. You are what you eat and you need to remember the best way to be healthy both with a mind and soul is to eat a balanced diet. Try to focus on Sattvic foods to give yourself an opportunity to feel calmness and relaxation. Don’t miss it.

Drink warm water

The amount of water in a human body varies according to age. In other words, most of our body consists of water. Water is the source of life and drinking water is good for your health. Drinking warm water, according to Ayurveda, is even better for a human. It helps to flush out toxins and keeps you hydrated everytime, it also keeps that digestive fire of yours burning, which naturally boosts your immune system and metabolism. Be careful to avoid consuming any cold drinks. If warm water gets on your nerves, try to mix it up with light herbal teas. That would be a good and long lasting idea.

Always keep your tongue clear

We all have dozens of microorganisms in our body. If you don’t want any unwelcome guests in your system, be sure to keep your tongue always clear. Ayurveda promotes cleanliness on all levels of the body and soul. Being clean is a must. Make sure every morning, when you wake up, you scrape your tongue after cleaning your teeth and clean your throat. The good idea would also be to gargle your throat with some ginger added to water or a mix of water and turmeric that has anti-bacterial properties.

Use herbs in addition

Herbs are really helpful on a distance. They do have an amazing effect, despite of the fact it takes some time to prove their effectiveness. It may take months to see the results, but taking herbs is one of the most natural and healthy ways to boost your immune system and improve your health.
Ayurveda teaches about numerous ways to improve your

health and speaks about hundreds of immunity-boosting plants, roots and herbs. Here are some of them you can start with: try to use ginger root for improving your metabolism, digestion, blood circulation and for overall cleansing of your body; tulsi will help your lungs and brain to be healthier and will reduce overall level of stress; guduchi is famous for it’s fever-reducing properties and is well known for it’s immunity-booster properties; liquorice root will help you to cleanse the respiratory system and will sooth your stomach. It also has some of the anti-inflammatory properties.

Keep your lungs clean and healthy

One of the easiest techniques to keep your respirarory system healthy is steam inhalation. Always do steam inhalation, no matter you’ve already caught a cold or not. It’s a must for a person to keep his lungs healthy. Try adding some essential oils like tea tree, eucalyptus, echinacea or thyme for cleansing purposes. You can also try inhalations of the steam from the baking pan: just fry some ajwain seeds under the lid and be sure you’re breathing.

Work with your body

The only reason humanity is still alive is constant movement. Movement is life, and if you don’t want to miss an opportunity to be healthier – start moving. Use your bicycle instead of the car when you want to get to the shop, take your friends for a trip and go hiking out in the nature all together or just start that yoga course you’ve wanted to try for so long. Put your headphones on and just dance – it’s a great addition to your activities and will also improve your mood. Don’t simply lay on the couch, our body was made to be active. Moving is a must for your immunity and it improves your blood circulation, flushes out toxins from your body and reduces stress. Be active.

Positivity is a key

Being positive is no less important than keeping your body healthy. You might pay attention to your body, but professionals know that mindset is the most important thing when achieving your goals. Herbs won’t help you if you’re living under constant stress, no matter how much will you take them. Try to start your day with some meditation, listen to your favorite music, do the things that make you happy, do sports and always strive to keep calm. Don’t forget about exercises. When the day ends, sit and do some evening meditation. Trust us, this will help. Always keep in mind health starts with mentality.