7 most popular sandwiches for an American

A sandwich for Americans is more than just food. It’ s an iconic activity for children and adults. We’ve put together a list of 7 sandwiches that are important to everyday American life-style.

Breakfast sandwich

A classic American sandwich consisting of cheese, egg and bacon. If you wish, can be added to the composition sausages or ham. The basis for a breakfast sandwich is usually a bagel or toast, but if these products are not at hand, English muffins are also good. Deservedly, a breakfast sandwich is called a hero among sandwiches. This iconic treat has been on McDonald’s menu for fifty years.

Club sandwich

Like most classic dishes, the origin of this burger is very contradictory. Clearly only one thing, the dish was invented for visitors of some club. Maybe Union Club of NYC or the club in Saratoga Springs. Nowadays, it’ s one of the most common meals in the world. Club sandwiches are made in bars, restaurants, and even eateries.


BLT necessarily contains three ingredients: bacon, salad and tomato. In USA, it gained popularity after the appearance of supermarkets, which provided year-round access to BLT ingredients for all comers. BLT is fast to cook and retains its flavor for a long time. This iconic treat is similar to a club sandwich.

Bánh mì

Vietnamese sandwich, which became popular in America in the beginning of the 1980s. Little Saigon in California is the place where Bánh mì first appeared in the USA. The sandwich consists of French baguette, liver pate and vegetables. Also, marinated carrots & daikon must be present in the Vietnamese dish.

Chicken burger

The main ingredient of this burger is chicken fillet, which is fried in batter and placed between breads. First mention of the chicken burger appeared in 1964. In this year an American restaurateur patented the name for such sandwiches. Though before the sixties, people cooked such dishes in their kitchens.


Since the release of the movie Chef, which was shown in cinemas in 2014, surely there are more dishes that you want to taste. Cuban sandwich is exactly at the top of your wish list. Though the recipe uses the simplest components, its preparation and combination create an excellent, memorable taste. It’s not for nothing that the Cuban sandwich is the main character in the movie, like the chef played by Jon Favreau. Ham, pork, cheese, pickles and spices will create a unique flavour and make you fall in love with this Cuban dish after the first bite.

Grilled cheese sandwich

It’s an American culinary classic. Children love Grilled cheese very much, that’s why this sandwich evokes in the minds of a common American the warm, soulful and pleasant memories. Such sandwiches are best cooked with grain bread and good European cheeses. The latest trend is the add-in of bacon or beef to the grilled cheese sandwich. Some cooks are also adding tomatoes and lettuce leaves to give even more juiciness to this legendary food.