7 Wardrobe Lifehacks From Kate Middleton Being A Part Of A Royal Family

In our today’s topic we would like to raise the question of how to remain graceful and elegant no matter what, and we want to introduce you to a woman who easily combines all these qualities. Welcome Kate Middleton, also known as Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, a perfect example that any woman should follow. Despite the regalia, Kate is a living example of how wearing a Royal title not only adorns this woman, but also allows her to be a great wife who is a reliable example for her children. Kate has so seamlessly fit into the Royal family, combining austerity and at the same time Royal grace in her outfits, that many of us assume that the state of things has always been this way. Kate successfully combines new traditions with old ones, and always have a spick-and-span image, as if this woman is always ready to answer any challenge that may fall to her lot. But let’s be honest, things haven’t always been this way. Despite the natural beauty granted to Kate, the future member of the Royal family could not physically or mentally possess all the necessary knowledge and habits that are inherent in the Royal blood. Before marrying Prince William, Kate went through a long and thorny road to accepting many details in her new look, and that’s what we’d like to talk to you about in our article today.
Meet 7 wardrobe solutions from Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge.

1. You Should Always Know When To Replace An Item Of Clothing.

No doubt, the Princess, like any other person interested in fashion, always has a few brands that she remains loyal to no matter what and wears them again and again. Shoes are an essential attribute in the image of any person, and often is the first thing to pay attention to before you look at the clothes. The same thing happened to Kate once. Like any other person, Kate had a favorite pair of shoes that she showed off when appearing in public. But the holiday was spoiled by the British tabloids, who once caustically remarked that a pair of shoes that Kate wears looks worn out and it’s time to change them. Kate learned her lesson, and never again appeared in public in shoes that were not nearly perfect.
You should always have another pair of shoes just in case.

2. Always Have Another Pair Of Your Favorite In Your Wardrobe

You know, there is a type of person who buys something and sticks to it so much that he can not find the strength to part with it. For this type of person, there is a simple and quick solution to this problem. When you visit a boutique or store, instead of buying one dress, buy two at once. This will help you look always fresh, and you can always buy dresses of different colors that you will wear in shifts. This way, your image will always be neat, fresh and you will not have to puzzle over what to wear today. And all the discomfort with regard to clothing will no longer be a problem for you.

3. Always Taylor Your Outfits

Let’s be completely honest. We are well aware that Kate belongs to a younger generation than the Queen, therefore, she has diametrically opposite views on fashion. Most of the designer outfits produced by leading design houses at the moment are definitely not exactly suitable for a member of the Royal family, as many of them can look vulgar for a person of this kind. Kate has found a solution to this problem, and we advise you to follow her example. If you want to add something unique to your outfit, but the final version seems too vulgar or inconsistent with your opinion about fashion, contact the tailor. If the length of the skirt is too short, you can always ask the tailor to lengthen it, or if the sleeves are too short, use your imagination, lengthen them, add those details that you think will be perfect for the purchased outfit. Any question needs to be approached with ingenuity, and a small detail added to your outfit can not only give it a second wind, but also become your business card in public.

4. Use Coats Instead Of Dresses

Despite the fact that many of us do not come from the Royal family, this advice can be decisive in the issue of fashion and choosing a suitable casual outfit. When you are a member of the Royal family, you will be photographed not only outside the Palace, but also inside, and in general everywhere you appear. While many of us prefer to buy several coats at once, and do not return to this problem again in the next few years, the Princess does not have the opportunity to afford such a luxury. Kate often uses a coat as a dress, and let’s be honest, it really suits her. She constantly changes them depending on the importance of the event, carefully choosing the cut and color of the coat. She didn’t always follow this advice, and started doing so after being spotted by the tabloids in the same dress at important events several times. That lesson was learned for Kate, and now her closet is full of different types of coats. Try this tip as a substitute for regular dresses.

5. Keep In Mind That Trends Tent To Change

This is very important advice, and it is worth paying attention to. While members of the Royal family very often miss trends because you, in fact, can not appear at a serious event, dressed in a chic outfit. This advice can be useful because your wardrobe should always have things that you can wear to any event and in any situation. This way you will avoid difficult decisions when choosing,and you will not have to rush to the store for the right things. Kate knows this, which is why her wardrobe always has things for every occasion. Sometimes it is better to stick to traditional fashion trends than to try to constantly jump on the outgoing train and become a slave to fast-changing trends that everyone forgets about almost a month after the hype. Try to be restrained and maintain your style based on your inner beliefs.

6. When It’s Going To Be Windy, Forget About Light Fabrics

There is no point in explaining that appearing in public as a member of the Royal family, dressed in a light and short dress, is unacceptable. The same applies to ordinary women who go out in light dresses, despite the windy weather. First, instead of being focused on other things, you will always check whether the dress is blown out and will constantly correct it. Secondly, from a practical point of view, it is better to wear things that perfectly match the weather conditions. Check the weather conditions on your smartphone and make sure that the things you are going to wear will not interfere with your plans and will not shake your self-confidence, no matter where you are.

7. Keep In Mind To Always Stand Out

When Kate officially joined the Royal family, almost all attention was focused on her appearance. Kate tried to avoid flashy colors and interesting dress options for the reason that a member of the Royal family should always look appropriate. Later, Kate realized that she was wrong, and you can wear almost anything, as long as the item is made to fit, meets the dress code and does not look vulgar. Being in a crowd, the most important thing you have to do is to be as composed as possible. We all know that the Queen loves bright colors, and even once appeared at an event in an outfit completely green-neon color, and looked just brilliant. The easiest advice for any woman is to always have the contacts of your personal tailor at hand, and you will always be irresistible in any outfit.