8 Cases When Princess Diana Ignored the Royal Code

The British public remembers well how the royal family chastised Meghan Markle for violating the protocol. But long before that, there was a rebellious and independent Princess Diana, who was loved by the whole United Kingdom. Let’s find out how she deserved the love of the public and the wrath of her royal relatives!

1) Diana worked hard before becoming a princess

Before marrying Prince Charles, Diana worked every day as a kindergarten teacher. Even though the Princess had to quit her job, children have always remained at the centre of her attention. Of course, due to the busy schedule, she and her husband hired several babysitters, but every free minute Diana devoted to her children.

2) Her children attended kindergarten

This was not a popular trend in royal families, but Princess Diana felt otherwise. She said that kindergartens help children with social adaptation, and this was a necessary measure. As a result, little Willy attended a public preschool educational institution regularly.

3) Non-royal lifestyle

This was manifested primarily concerning children. Diana saw nothing wrong with visiting McDonald’s, using public transportation (bus, subway), or enjoying Disneyland. She didn’t force little William and Harry to wear tailored suits, so they often wore T-shirts, shorts, or jeans. She tried to show her children the real side of life.

4) The princess hated unnecessary formality

Diana did not agree with the arrogant British monarchs and their lofty behaviour. Instead, she enjoyed interacting with all people regardless of their profession. When talking with the children, the Princess sat down to be on the same level as them.

5) Lady Diana knew a lot about fashion

In 1994, the premiere of the film about Prince Charles’ infidelity aired took place. After that, Princess Diana appeared in public in a short black dress with a plunging neckline and bare shoulders. The next day, these pictures were published in all newspapers and went far beyond the UK. But since this outfit was not from her royal wardrobe, it was called “the revenge dress.”

6) Princess chose her ring and changed the vows

Royals didn’t buy cheap rings, however, Diana disagreed. Ditching precious stones and expensive material, she chose a ring that later went to Prince William and Kate Middleton. And that part of the oath in which Diana had to say that she would obey Prince Charles was changed.

7) She was not shy talking about her diseases

It’s no secret that everyone’s beloved Princess suffered from bulimia. However, she was not shy about this diagnosis and spoke openly about it with reporters. In her words, the disease appeared due to an unsuccessful marriage. For a long time, Diana had to pretend that their relationship with Prince Charles was perfect, but in fact, it wasn’t.

8 Cases When Princess Diana Ignored the Royal Code

Lady D had great compassion for people, so she supported charities and organizations not only in Britain but also abroad. She freely shook hands with HIV and AIDS people and said that these diagnoses should not be sentences. She always followed her heart, but not the royal code.


This is why the British people still love and remember Princess Diana!