10 Facts About Mila Kunis You Need to Know About

“Humanity, love, equality, hope, acceptance, pride”. These are the words about our dear and beloved Mila Kunis. If you’re not obsessed as much as we’re with her, we insist you on watching “That ’70s Show” (1998-2006). That’s an American television period sitcom originally aired on Fox, where Mila Kunis played a role of Jackie Burkhart, one of the six teenage friends living in fictional Point Place, Wisconsin. The show is absolutely incredible, so do Mila in it.
This outstanding brunette has always been a part in many movies, she’s so diverse in her roles, that we do really think she’s really eminent and a dedicated actress. Are you in search of Paradise? Take a look at her acting in Black Swan. Spoiler: you won’t regret any minute spent on the film. Do you want to test her talent in a bold and a little bit of audacity comedy? They you’re welcome to take pleasure while watching “Forgetting Sarah Marshall”. Be sure to place the film on your list.
Mila has always been a beautiful and alluring woman, no matter the age was. We can say with all confidence, this queen ages with total grace. In case you don’t believe us, just check her upcoming titles. The queen is still in the game, and there are much more films with her to be released than ever. What concerns us the most – have you ever heard anything about Mila Kunis’s life outside of the interviewers’ camera? We mean, these interviews are absolutely enchanting and enjoyable, but have you ever looked at her not only as a Hollywood star, but a person with her own life and preferences?
Here are the top-20 Mila Kunis’s facts we find meaningful and entertaining.
10 Facts About Mila Kunis You Need to Know About
1. When age is the topic we usually mean we all try try to age with grace. How do you think, how old is Mila? 25, maybe 28? No, Mila Kunis was born on August 13, 1983. According to her birthdate, this woman is 36-years-old already. Wait, what? Are you kidding me? This can’t be true, she still looks like she nearly reached her late 20’s.

2. One day, a thought comes to a person’s mind. Have you ever thought, where Mila originates from? Don’t need to google it. Mila was born in Ukraine in the Ukrainian family. She was only 7, when her parents decided to change their location and the choice fell on the United States. Her parents told her they were just moving into another place in the neighborhood! Boom. That neighborhood was America. Such a brilliant idea (looking forward).

3. This item is a must on that list. When a woman hears about pregnancy, one of the things she thinks after hearing wonderful news is her figure. Mila Kunis is a mother of two amazing children – Dimitri Portwood and Wyatt Isabelle. When we take a look at her hourglass figure, remembering that fact, the only thing comes to mind: how?

4. Mila Kunis is not really that tall, but her personality, obviously, is absolutely fabulous. Milas’s height difference with her husband is rather big. She’s only 5’4″, while her husband, Ashton Kutcher is about 6’2″. Hold on a second. Who cares, when it comes about personality?

5. Mila didn’t know English well when she came to America. Who knows, what the things were look like if not her superior acting method and classes? Moreover, she’s met her future manager in the class she played!

6. Let’s take a step back and again speak on “That ’70s Show”, where Mila starred for the role of Jackie Burkhart. Mila was just 14 years old when she was cast. Do you believe in destiny? You should, because Mila met her future husband while she was in the show. Fun fact: only those over 18 were allowed for audition. Mila lied about her age, claiming she was 18 already. Nice one.

7. Tell us you don’t have an Instagram account these days, and we probably won’t believe you. Does Mila Kunis have an account? No, she doesn’t have an official account on Instagram. It may sound ridiculous, but things are like this. Despite of the fact her husband is one of the stars when it comes to social media, Mila decided she doesn’t need it. For the moment.
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8. When it comes to Mila, the first long-running project comes to mind she was involved in is, of course, her role as Jackie. Not so many people know that Mila Kunis was a voice of Meg, Peter’s daughter, on Family Guy. She acted in this role since the year 2000, but despite of that always strived for the best and filmed in many good films in her career.

9. As I mentioned before, Mila has always been striving for the best, and right know she’s the owner of her own company that is Orchard Farm Productions. A talented person is talented in everything. Thanks to her debut in A Bad Moms Christmas. We do really hope to see some of the exciting works from her in the future.

10. The very first kiss of Mila Kunis and her husband Ashton Kutcher happened long time before they got married. It happened on the set of That 70’s Show. This was the first real kiss in Mila’s life. How romantic.