8 Cleansing and Hygiene Tips to Help You and Your Family to Keep the COVID-19 Virus out of Your House

One of the most most crucial things we’ve learnt for the past few months since the beginning of the pandemic – we all need to keep in mind how to stay clean 24/7 in order not to allow the virus penetrate into our body. In order to liquidate the virus you should always remember to be on guard at all times. Don’t forget to keep your home as much hygienic as possible, everyday make all the necessary sanitary things to increase your chances to void the virus. We all know this is a difficult time, but what if you still have some questions to answer? We’re here to be as handy is possible. Here are some tips for you and the members of your family you need tell immediately, if still not. If you make an installment of these daily measures for all your family, you may have a chance to maintain the situation as safe as possible. Do yourself and your family a favor by telling them all the rules. Listen carefully.

1. Wherever you are, always have a mask on your face. Whether you do want or don’t, it’s a basis. There’s no need to explain a mask can stop spreading bacteria from your mouth and nose, but also wearing a mask will set up an opportunity for you not to touch your face. We all touch our mouth, rub our nose and clean our eyes subconsciously and sometimes we do forget the time dangerous time that has come. Keep in mind: you shouldn’t touch your touch receptors while being outside the house. This is the rule number one that will help avoid transmission.
8 Cleansing and Hygiene Tips to Help You and Your Family to Keep the COVID-19 Virus out of Your House
2. The next no less important rule than the first is to destroy all the garbage. Napkins, cloth, used masks and gloves – all of these should be recycled immediately when it becomes unnecessary. If you want to protect not only yourself, but also the people around you, and contribute to the fight against the virus – don’t discard any things while on the street. Collect your garbage, safely put everything into a wastebin, and always remember to cover yourself with your elbow if coughing or sneezing.

3. Social distance’s our faithful companion at least for the next six months. In case you forgot about the rules, we’re here to remind you that you should keep your distance of one metre from people. It’ll be better if you keep a distance of two, as six feet is the suggested distance not to let those showing symptoms like sneezing or coughing to transfer their bacteria to you.

4. “He sounds like a broken record, we all know about that!”. Yeah, we may be a bit odd, but we try to shield our readers as much as possible. Again, we stand for washing your hands thousands time a day. Why? It’s the easiest way to keep yourself in safety. If you’re outside use any kind of sanitizers to wash your hands. If you’re inside your house, wash your hands with a sope each hour and do it thoroughly within a minimum of 20 seconds.
8 Cleansing and Hygiene Tips to Help You and Your Family to Keep the COVID-19 Virus out of Your House
5. Disinfection all surfaces is a must while being at home. It may be your phone, laptops, door handles, game controllers, kitchen and bathroom surfaces – everything you touch through the day should be carefully disinfected. This is the rule everyone always forgetting about.

6. If you’re looking for an eco-friendly options and looking forward towards it, take a look at lysol wipes and similar disinfectants. It’s good to always keep anything from these in your bag wherever you go. If you want to have more information on this subject, be sure to check with the Environmental Protection Agency’s list on reccomended products. Seemingly, these cleaners need to remain wet for a few time to be of assistance.

7. The next step is to always keep your clothes pure and remember there’s always a chance of potential bacteria while your clothes stay dirty. When you come back home from a densely populated place, take your clothes off, place them into a washing machine and change into clean clothing. Don’t make any step forward when you set foot on the threshold of the house. Firstly, take off your shoes.
8 Cleansing and Hygiene Tips to Help You and Your Family to Keep the COVID-19 Virus out of Your House
8. We know how difficult it is to distance yourself from the crowd, but if you have a chance – just do it. Try to move on your feed instead of using public conveyance.
Yes, it’s true – you can’t always be aware of just by walking on your feet, sometimes you need to visit a drug-store or make a trip for grocery store to make some buyings. If you don’t have a car, use a bike instead. If you don’t have a bike, maybe it’s the the best time to make a purchase? You’ll have enough speed to avoid the potential menace. Make sure to do all the possible things to keep yourself in safety. If not you, then who?