8 Diets That are Harmful to Human

Every day, thousands of people around the world are trying new diets. They are important for staying fit and healthy, but in reality, not all diets are created equal. Moreover, some of them have negative effects, and you will feel them soon after the diet is started.

Before you include fruits, vegetables in your diet, or limit yourself to more stringent requirements, it is important to understand how the diet works. You will not be able to lose ten feet in a day if you follow the correct diet and follow all the recommendations of the experts. Many of us do not realize this, putting ourselves in danger due to diets that cause small but sometimes large harm to the body.

If you are looking for a way to safely lose weight and diets to avoid, read this article to the end. We have collected 8 of the most popular and at the same time dangerous diets.

Diet: Baby food

Do you have a lot of questions? Yes, the diet during which adults eat baby food really exists, and moreover, it is quite popular. All you have to do is buy cans of baby food, replacing your breakfast, lunch, and dinner with them. You will see a wide variety of low-calorie baby foods, but they are not the safest way to lose weight as these foods do not have enough nutrients for an adult.
8 Diets That are Harmful to Human

Diet: Werewolf

The rules of this diet say that you can drink water, eat vegetables and fruits only on the full moon or new moon. There is no evidence of the effectiveness of this diet, and frankly, it looks very strange. No other diet has such strange rules and restrictions allowing a person to eat and drink water while looking at the full moon.
8 Diets That are Harmful to Human

Diet: Grapefruit

This is a unique fruit full of vitamins C and various other nutrients. However, grapefruit is useful only in limited portions, because as you know, too much of something good can be harmful to you. By following this diet, you are required to eat grapefruit for 12 days. What? No, it will not burn your fat, it will only have negative effects on the stomach and other organs.

Diet: Military

You may have heard its second name “Hot Dog Diet.” The bottom line is that it is not the most effective for weight loss. Even if you eat some sausages, your body will be hungry, and then it will consume more calories than usual. No, it doesn’t fit.

Diet: Master Cleanse

The popularity of this diet came about after Beyonce talked about the excellent results she achieved with its help. Even though the Master Cleanse diet has a lot of positive reviews, it is not the healthiest way to lose weight. While on the diet, you will need to drink a mixture of lemon juice, cayenne pepper, water, and maple syrup up to 12 times a day. The body does not receive the necessary nutrients and after a short period, the spent weight can return.
8 Diets That are Harmful to Human

Diet: Five Bite

This is one of the most dangerous diets, and you don’t need to use it under any circumstances. It assumes that you can eat five small pieces of food for breakfast and five more pieces for supper. According to various sources, the diet was developed by a medical professional named Dr. Alvin Lewis, however, it has no official confirmation of its effectiveness.

Diet: Cotton Ball

Such a diet looks scary and ineffective. First of all, you are not eating enough food. Also, you swallow foreign objects such as cotton balls. How does it work? Take five cotton balls and dip them in smoothies, orange juice, or other liquid and eat them.

Diet: Tapeworm

Here is the most dangerous and unhealthy diet on our list. Its essence is that the real tapeworm lives inside you and eats your body, allowing you to shed a few extra feet. Remember that the Tapeworm diet is very dangerous and can lead to serious consequences and even death!