8 Favorite Hair Colours of Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner, despite her still young age, already has many personal fans and followers. It is not surprising because Kylie is part of the super successful and popular Kardashian family. The hottie (who is a young mom by the way) is known for her obsession with makeup and lip kits. Besides, Jenner has her beauty brand, and she is already a confident businesswoman with billions of dollars in assets.

But most of all, the girl loves to experiment with her hair. The celebrity changes her hairstyle almost every month (or maybe even more often). With her capabilities, it is not difficult, because her stylists have many wigs that can satisfy all Kylie’s desires. What’s her natural hair colour is, we don’t even know. After looking at her pictures on socials and photos taken by reporters recently, we counted eight different colours of her hair. Don’t believe me? Then watch below!

  1. One of Kylie’s very first experiments with her hair was dip dye. The girl chose teal ends, and she looked really cool.
  2. Rosegold hair was a bold solution from Kylie. But most importantly, the celebrity got the result she wanted. Kylie looked amazing with such colour of her hair.
  3. Mint green colour was her momentary vibe. But even with this look, she was stunning.
  4. The purple wig is one of the favourites in Kylie’s wardrobe. Do you remember her powerful appearance at the Met Gala? Wow, it gave me goosebumps!
  5. Vibrant green hair colour mirrored Kylie’s state of mind at that period of her life. It is a brave choice!
  6. Kylie loves to experiment with shades of blue. Denim blue also harmoniously matched the style of this celeb.
  7. Compared to her other hair colours, being blonde might have seemed boring to some of her followers. But Kylie cannot look ‘boring’!
  8. Curiously, why did Kylie choose neon yellow? Yes, it certainly looks brave, but we think it’s not exactly the best solution for her.