8 Reasons to Fall in Love with the Adorable Jameela Jamil

Indian beauty on “The Good Place” has often criticized famous and influential people for advertising diet candy and other unhealthy foods that are popular with their young fans. It seems that she managed to convince “The Good Place” editors not to cut these scenes and let them be freely available.


Sweet and charming Jameela Jamil has become a reason for many people to join “The Good Place.” If you are a fan of her, you will be glad to know what kind of person she is in real life because her actions are truly inspiring. Well, if this is your first time hearing about Jameela Jamil, we will give you 8 reasons to fall in love with this South Asian stunner.
8 Reasons to Fall in Love with the Adorable Jameela Jamil


In addition to her acting career, she is actively involved in the social life of her country and also defends the rights of women in the international arena. Moreover, not everyone knows about the strength of her character, because once she heard that she was “old, boring, and fat”, which would prevent her from building a successful career in Hollywood. However, now we see that everything happened the other way around, and here are 8 reasons to love Jameela Jamil.


1) She suffered from anorexia. Today it’s hard to believe, but as a teenager, the actress had problems with food, and doctors diagnosed her with anorexia. Jameela often remembers sitting in front of the TV and watching Kardashians advertise “Flat Tummy Lollipops” to suppress appetite. Most of all, the girl was surprised by the photos in which the Kardashians were trying to hide their extra pounds, and she realized that the candies were not effective. Jameela then created iWeigh to celebrate women’s bodies of all sizes. This product has become so popular that it has over a million followers.


2) Fighting airbrushing. We doubt Jameela Jamil will ever show her airbrushed photos after an incident that happened a few years ago. In an interview with Red Magazine, the girl said “In those years I had a pale face, and the British nose with thin thighs made me feel lousy.” She then apologized to every person who had ever seen those altered photos or perhaps even wanted to achieve such a skinny shape. However, Jamil didn’t stop, and in the following interviews, she said that airbrushing should be prohibited because it is a crime against women of any form.
8 Reasons to Fall in Love with the Adorable Jameela Jamil


3) Social media support. By promoting her iWeight campaign, the actress shares her weight and supports other women. Therefore, you will find statements like “I love myself no matter what,” “I stand for women’s rights.” Basically, she teaches women to love themselves regardless of what other people say, in particular celebrities.


4) She always admits her mistakes. Jameela Jamil believes that everyone makes mistakes, and this is not surprising, because we’re only human after all. However, her fans say that she excludes certain types of women from her rules, which makes her seem a little “toxic”. The actress recognizes her knowledge gaps and sometimes makes mistakes. If this happens, she says “OK, I’m wrong.”


5) Fairness. We have already talked about her personal experience with anorexia, because of which she is fighting for women’s rights today. But beyond that, Jamil also advocates for LGBTQ+ rights by saying that all people are equal, and we all deserve to be treated fairly. Not everyone knows that she suffers from Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome which causes ruptured arteries, loose joints, and some other problems. In January 2021, Jameela Jamil came out as queer.


6) The campaign to support women is gaining momentum. Not long ago, the popular actress launched an exclusive podcast that supports women and gives them hope in difficult times. She talks to a variety of guests and asks them different questions. For example, Reese Witherspoon told about her postpartum depression and sexism, which is common in modern Hollywood. In other episodes, Jamil interacted with Gloria Steinem and Tarana Burke, and other special guests.


7) She is happy with the women’s body hair trend. “We are emerging from a worldwide pandemic plump, furrier, and alive,” said the actress. Overall, she says that women are finally accustomed to seeing themselves without make-up, and maybe they can avoid this daily routine if they want to.


8) She is brave and fearless. She is not afraid of judgments from people and her fellow celebrities. She screams about people and behavior if it’s rude, unfair, or biased towards women or the LGBTQI+ community. Although she is quite straightforward, she does not tend to disregard the rules of etiquette. Yes, she makes mistakes from time to time, as we all do. It is what makes her special!