8 reasons to keep an eye on Khloe Kardashian

Popularity of Kardashian family is primarily due to Kim. Her name regularly appears in tabloid headlines and global media. The popular model is the eldest of the three sisters in this already iconic family. Khloe Kardashian is the middle sister, and she deserves attention as much as Kim, because her personal life is no less rich than that of the elder relative. Perhaps Khloe is not so provocative and rarely gets into scandalous situations. However, now you will see for yourself that she should be watched more closely. Here are some zesty facts about Khloe Kardashian.

1. Khloe forgot basic stuff from school textbooks

At a young age, Khloe became a participant in a traffic accident. The crash was so serious that Khloe almost broke through the windshield with her head. She had a brain concussion and memory problems began, which worsened over time. The middle sister of a popular family can’t remember many moments from her childhood and adolescence. Also, Khloe has irrevocably forgotten many elementary things from school textbooks, which even a seven-year-old child knows. In her opinion, personal problems and stress could have been a catalyst for memory problems. 8 reasons to keep an eye on Khloe Kardashian

2. Khloe changes bed linen every 2 days

Khloe is so obsessed with cleaning that she spends almost all free time with detergents in her hands. Just the fact that the celebrity changes her bed linen every two days says a lot. While an average American considers it a feat to vacuum in an apartment or wash a bunch of dishes that have accumulated in the kitchen sink, Khloe likes to do these things. 8 reasons to keep an eye on Khloe Kardashian

3. Ex lives at Khloe’s house during quarantine

The middle Kardashian sister adores her daughter. Khloe is ready to do her best for the happiness of the child. Celebrity even let her ex to live at her house during the quarantine. She did it to allow Tristan Thompson to have regular contact with his daughter. According to Khloe, the pandemic should not take away the happiness of a child to see a dad every day.

4. Khloe spoils Kim’s children

Khloe loves not only her own daughter, she is also ready to endlessly pamper her elder sister’s children. This eloquently confirms the seemingly unremarkable incident that happened in the Kardashian family. Khloe didn’t consult Kim when she wanted to make a nice for her older sister’s child, and bought North a cute hamster. This fact shows that Khloe loves all children, and she is ready to do her best to see them happy. Do you remember that pompous party that the middle Kardashian sister had organized when her daughter turned first year old? 8 reasons to keep an eye on Khloe Kardashian

5. Dad forbade celebrity to get implants

One day Khloe confessed that as a teenager she wanted to make her own body more attractive with implants. But her father found out about this intention and categorically forbade Khloe to do such surgery. Though her dad had already died a few years ago, the celebrity had never installed implants in own body. 8 reasons to keep an eye on Khloe Kardashian

6. Khloe sleeps only on the left side of her face

Before, Khloe used to sleep only the right side of her face. But then, a friend told her that such habit makes this side of her face flat. Now, Khloe tries to sleep only on the left side of her face.

7. Khloe had no friends at school

As amazing as it may sound, all the Kardashian sisters went to a Catholic school for girls. Khloe was no exception, either. But when her two elder sisters graduated from this school, Khloe faced social problems. The girl felt loneliness, she lacked regular communication with close people. This is why Khloe’s parents had to make a difficult decision. They took their daughter from Catholic school to study at home.

8. Khloe is the most balanced of all sisters

The Kardashian family is always full of passions and emotions. Now the sisters adore each other and are best friends, but after a minute the temperamental celebs can arrange a catfight. It seems that Khloe is the most sensible and cold-blooded of all sisters. She is the person who reconciles close people and brings calm into the life of this amazing family. 8 reasons to keep an eye on Khloe Kardashian