8 sandwiches that will brighten up your quarantine

French dip sandwich

Despite the name, these sandwiches were invented in LA. In France, the dish is almost unknown, though the mention of this country in the sandwich’s name is associated with the rolls that are used to make this treat. The main ingredients of French dip sandwich are beef, onions, carrots, garlic and various spices. To prepare this divine dish you will need an oven or a grill, because it is necessary to get crispy crust on a roll.

Hot Brown sandwich

This sandwich was invented at the Brown Hotel’s restaurant in Louisville. The twenties were the time when the USA learned about the Hot Brown Sandwich. It was originally made in the Louisville restaurant as an evening snack for the musicians who worked in this entertainment facility. When dancing was paused, the musicians used these burgers to stimulate their energy. Turkey meat and cheese sauce are the main ingredients of this dish. The sandwich is prepared in an individual small frying pan and served on the table also in this pot. Crispy slices of bacon are placed on top of the Hot Brown burger.


One of the most popular specials in the United States. This Greek dish is so appreciated by Americans that many of them believe that Gyro was invented in the USA. Gyro is similar to shawarma or döner, which have also become an integral part of American gastronomy and culture. Meat for this sandwich must necessarily be cooked on a vertical spit. The pieces of meat are chopped into pita bread. Tomatoes, salad and sauces are also indispensable ingredients for Gyro.

Lobster roll

There are several options for preparing lobster roll sandwich. But there is one ingredient that must be present in this dish — lobster meat. The sandwich can be filled with cold or warm lobster meat. Different types of bread can be used for cooking. Onions, celery and sauces can be added to the sandwich if desired by the cook or consumer. Each state has a different lobster roll recipe and consumption culture.

Italian beef sandwich

The origin of this dish has nothing in common with a European country. Italian beef sandwich was invented in Chicago in the 1930s, and Italy’s many people have no idea that this dish exists. The main components of the sandwich are roast beef, pickled vegetables and unique sauce.


Meatballs are the main meal for Italians, which they eat at lunch or dinner. In the USA meatballs are just a component of something, they are consumed together with pasta, added to soup or a sandwich. It does not take much effort to prepare a delicious meatball sandwich. The meatballs should be boiled, roasted and placed in an Italian roll. Next, tomato sauce must be added, it is best combined with meatballs. Italian cheeses will also perfectly highlight the taste of meatballs. This dish is very popular due to its easy preparation and nourishment. One such sandwich can replace a comprehensive lunch.

Pastrami on rye

The traditional American meal was invented in the end of the nineteenth century. Inventor of this sandwich is an emigrant Sussman Volk. He is also known as the first owner of delis in New York. Invariable components of the sandwich are juicy slices of pastrami, which are placed only on rye bread. Garlic, paprika, various kinds of peppers and many other spices give this dish a piquant taste. Pastrami on rye is one of the oldest sandwiches in American culinary. The kosher dish has its own connoisseurs and never loses its Jewish charm.

Muffuletta sandwich

This dish is a culinary highlight of New Orleans. The inventors of muffuletta sandwich are Sicilian migrants who were engaged in farming. Italians traded in the market and occasionally came to the grocery store located nearby to buy food for their own lunches. The farmers bought ham, salami, cheese and Italian bread, from which they gathered yummy sandwiches. Thanks to this, the founder of Central Grocery got the idea for muffuletta. Since that time, the recipe for the legendary sandwich has not changed much. Only a few additional culinary options were added according to consumers’ wishes, such as adding garlic and pickled vegetables to the sandwich.