8 Things You’ll Never Look At Freckles The Same Way Again

Modern standards of beauty are very different from those that were, say, a few decades ago. What used to be considered not quite beautiful is now, if not a standard of beauty, then at least a unique element that gives a zest to your appearance.

Go back to your childhood. There was probably a red-haired boy or girl in your class who had freckles. Perhaps that child was you. Unfortunately, not many people are ready to treat the things that God has given you with gratitude, especially in childhood, which is why many children worry when their peers tease them for one reason or another, including the presence of freckles on their skin.

Let’s rewind time to today and look at freckles with a clear eye. Freckles not only make their owner unique and stand out from the crowd, but also give charm to their owner. I think it’s not worth mentioning that nowadays many fans of freckles, who were deprived of the opportunity to have them, sometimes go to extreme measures to get what they want. By extreme measures, I mean that some people are willing not only to draw freckles on themselves, for example, for photo shoots, but also prefer a permanent tattoo on their face that simulates the presence of freckles on their face. For those who prefer more restrained methods, the market offers a lot of ways to achieve the desired result like special products for drawing freckles or freckle transfer tattoos.
And now we would like to tell you why freckles are really a gift for their carriers, and why you can be envied if you have them.

1. The Cause Of Freckles

Our body is a unique system, and the same applies to our genetic code. The color of our eyes, our parameters, and the color of our skin are programmed from the very beginning, and the presence or absence of freckles is also determined by our genetics.
In the case of freckles, the MC1R gene is responsible for their presence or absence. To be very precise, this gene is responsible for the melanin that our body will produce throughout life.
If this gene is active, you will be a happy owner of darker skin, but, unfortunately, freckles will bypass you. If the gene is in an inactive stage, then you will probably become the owner of light skin and bright red freckles on your face and body, the number of which will grow in proportion to your exposure to the sun.

8 Things You'll Never Look At Freckles The Same Way Again

2. What Are Freckles Really?

In simple terms, freckles are clusters of melanin. The number of freckles on your face and body is responsible for the pigment that is embedded in your genetic code. If you are prone to freckles on your body, the more you are under the scorching sun, the more freckles will be on your body. Unfortunately, the effects of direct sunlight are harmful to the body, and many freckles owners may face a dilemma: apply sunscreen or spend a little more time in the sun to get more freckles. Freckles are not dangerous, as well as their large number on the body is not dangerous. Some confuse freckles and the autoimmune disease vitiligo, which occurs due to a dysfunction of the immune system and due to this, there are pigment spots of different sizes and colors throughout the body. Therefore, you can be sure: if you have freckles, then you were kissed by the sun itself.

8 Things You'll Never Look At Freckles The Same Way Again

3. Freckles Are Never A Cause Of Cancer

Some people mistakenly believe that the more freckles the owner has, the more likely it is that the person will get skin cancer. This statement is fundamentally wrong and misleading. Freckles are just a manifestation of the pigment on our skin due to the activity of a gene in our body, and no more. Speaking of skin diseases and cancer, cancer usually begins to progress with the appearance of small and chaotic moles that change their size, color and location. So you can be absolutely calm, if the number of freckles on your body has doubled or tripled, there is nothing to worry about.

8 Things You'll Never Look At Freckles The Same Way Again

4. The Number Of Freckles On Your Body Can Serve As An Indicator Of Sun Sensitivity

As we said earlier, the presence of freckles is not an indicator of the possible development of skin cancer, but indicates that your skin is affected by the sun. If you notice that the number of freckles is directly proportional to the number of hours spent in the sun, keep your eyes open. No, we are not trying to intimidate you, we just want to say that in this case, the influence of the sun is much greater for you than for other people. Therefore, to avoid the possible development of skin cancer in the future, if you notice that the skin reacts to the sun, do not forget to apply sunscreen when you are under direct rays for a long time. And you’ll be all right.

8 Things You'll Never Look At Freckles The Same Way Again


5. No One Is Born With Freckles

The presence of an active gene in the human body does not mean that you will be born immediately with freckles on your body. The presence of this gene means that if your skin is affected by the sun, freckles will only appear when you are exposed to the rays of the sun. For many children, the first appearance of freckles dates back to infancy and the first exposure to sunlight, but most children only see their first freckles during active puberty. Keep in mind that the presence of a gene in your body means that its activation can only occur during a certain life period.

8 Things You'll Never Look At Freckles The Same Way Again

6. Not All Redheads Have Freckles

Yes, you heard right. Many red-haired people will never see freckles on their body, because nature has ordered it. We used to believe that freckles are always present in the owners of red hair and pale body color, but this is not the case. It is fair to say that only 4 out of 5 people will own them. This is because the MC1R gene in redheads remains inactive, and will remain so for the rest of their lives. Nature is unique.

8 Things You'll Never Look At Freckles The Same Way Again

7. Freckles Were The Devil’s Mark In Middle Ages

You heard right. I think most of you have heard of the Inquisition at least once in your life, and this is the case. For a modern person, the idea that the presence of freckles was a reason for torture or death sounds like a real nightmare, but this was the case in the middle ages. If a woman was the owner of freckles or some strange moles, she was automatically considered a product of evil, for which she was subjected to torture, which often ended in death. By the way, if the owner of freckles was a man, it did not matter. As you can see, double standards apply not only to our time.

8 Things You'll Never Look At Freckles The Same Way Again

8. How To Get Rid Of Freckles

Yes, some people can not get used to their unique features, and instead of raising them to the absolute, diligently try to erase them.
If you constantly think that freckles interfere with you, then you can avoid their appearance. To do this, you will need to avoid direct sunlight, always use sunscreen when you are in the sun, avoid overheating your skin, and use an umbrella. Sounds stupid, doesn’t it? If nature has given you unique features, then you should think about how to accept yourself as you are. The fight against natural force is a foregone conclusion, and there is no point in fighting such a cute thing as freckles. Keep in mind the idea that any person is unique, just as any marks on their body are unique.