8 Top Granola Ideas For Breakfast

If you search for one of the healthiest and easiest breakfast options, make sure you checked granola. What is granola? Granola is a breakfast food and snack food made of rolled oats, nuts, honey or other sweeteners. Sometimes puffed rice is added and baked until it becomes crisp, toasted and golden brown. Granola is delicious. It’s also a quick way to load your body with nearly all the needed nutrients in a blink of an eye. Do not compare granola to a breakfast cereal loaded with tons of sugar and nothing else healthy. Many pre-packed granolas can be easily found available in stores and online, but the article will tell you how to make a powerful and healthy granola at home. Home-made one is the best and gives us a very wide field of customisation. Here’s the list of awesome granola recipes you need to keep in mind while making breakfast or any other meal.

1. Almond Joy Granola

If you’re an absolute Snickers fan (just like me), this idea will be the one you’ll fall in love with. You can infuse almond joy granola with a bit of coconut flavour, but remember not to overpower the whole flavour. For that purpose use coconut flakes and coconut oil. The next step will be adding some raw almonds into your dish and a bit of a sweetener. A sweetener may be anything up to your choice: you may combine it with the classic maple syrup or just honey. Don’t forget to put a pinch of salt for the flavours purposes. After you made every step, toss everything with oats and place your dish in the over for 30 minutes to crisp it up. Make sure your dish doesn’t burn and mix everything on the plate every few minutes. When the task is complete, go further and complete your dish with dark chocolate. Add as mush as you want. A perfect granola is done. 8 Top Granola Ideas For Breakfast

2. Hazelnut Granola

If you’re in search of naturally sweetened hazelnut granola, this receipt would be a must in your list. What is the best way to start your day, according to different nutritionists? It’s to load your body with all the necessary healthy fats and proteins. You may find all of these in nuts and seeds that are the source of this recipe. First of all, you will need rolled oats, hazelnuts, coconut flakes and pumpkin seeds (you may use sunflower seeds, though) and some honey as a sweetener. Take a neutral oil, then make a mix with oats and bake in the oven for about 20 minutes on the bottom rack of the oven. Don’t forget to toss your mix often. Your weekly breakfast is done. Enjoy! 8 Top Granola Ideas For Breakfast

3. Big Cluster Peanut Butter Granola

Not everybody like their food to be friable. If you’re one of that persons, than this recipe is for you since granola here goes in bigger clusters. Are you a fan of peanuts and peanut butter and was blessed to avoid allergies? You’re to try this as soon as possible. If you search for a good breakfast option, you can’t go wrong mixing it with low fat milk or yogurt. There’s nothing difficult with this recipe – just follow a usual scheme of making granola, then just add some peanut butter in order to get bigger clusters. 8 Top Granola Ideas For Breakfast

4. Cranberry Orange Granola

This granola type is a perfect example for people who are in search for the best breakfast dish. The taste is so much unusual and incredible you won’t regret it for a moment you tried this. You will need some orange zest (use only zest of one orange) and some dried cranberries. Cranberries would be a good addition to the citrus tang. 8 Top Granola Ideas For Breakfast

5. Coconut Macaroon Granola

If you love macaroons, you will adore this granola. Some people think of this granola recipe as the best way to start your breakfast. The most difficult part of making this granola come true is to make tiny coconut macaroons. It may sound really tough, but trust me – it’s not as difficult as it may sound. Make sure you make many macaroons. Otherwise, one day you may find yourself eating home-made macaroons outside of the granola jar just for a snack. So tasty it is. 8 Top Granola Ideas For Breakfast

6. Buckwheat Granola

One of the simplest to make and one of the most balanced granolas you will ever try. Full of needed proteins, this granola is a life-changer. If you seek an option to stay fit and get all the necessary nutrients, take a look at this variant. You may sprinkle buckwheat granola over yogurt bowls and salads, or maybe try adding some into the soup. It’s so crunchy, you will feel the pleasure of every bite. Also, you can just replace oats with green buckwheat. Make a try. 8 Top Granola Ideas For Breakfast

7. Nut Free Granola

Sadly, but most of us being allergic to different things. Some of us may just don’t like the taste of nuts, some may be allergic, but that doesn’t mean granola is not granola without nuts. It’s just a bit different. Moreover, granola without nuts added may be and is very tasty indeed. Just make sure you add some dried fruits instead or seeds instead of nuts. 8 Top Granola Ideas For Breakfast

8. Quinoa Granola

Okay, this is the last number in our list. So, you tried every granola type from the list above? Are you seeking for adding an extra crunch to your granola bowl? Just add some quinoa! You don’t need to make any necessary preparations, precook quinoa earlier or anything like that. Just add some to your granola mix before the baking moment. Quinoa will crisp on it’s own. Quinoa is gluten free and adds more protein to your granola bowl. Make sure you try this recipe on your own too. 8 Top Granola Ideas For Breakfast