9 Amazing Ways To Use Aluminium Foil

Every person who has ever encountered cooking, knows about such a help-out stick as aluminum foil. Aluminum foil is not only a lifehack and one of the most necessary things when it comes to not making a mess of the baking sheet and spending several hours washing it after cooking, but also allows you to seal the taste qualities inside the paper without fear for the taste. But, hey, wait, did you ever think that aluminum paper can be used not only to avoid contamination, but also just to perform household tasks? We are sure that these 9 ways to use aluminum foil will be really useful for you, so listen carefully and don’t forget to share this article with your friends. Let’s go.

1. DIY Cake Pan

Let’s start with a place where the use of aluminum foil is common – the kitchen. Very often on the Internet we come across various cool pie recipes of all shapes and sizes, but very often we are disappointed. We simply don’t have the right shapes at hand to make the pie beautiful and it doesn’t fall apart. Yes, you got it right. If you suddenly see a recipe, and you realize that you do not have a similar shape at hand, just build the right one using aluminum foil. Just the first lifehack, but already so cool, isn’t it? 9 Amazing Ways To Use Aluminium Foil

2. Soften Brown Sugar

Sometimes, when it comes to baking, brown sugar acts as an assistant. More importantly, aluminum foil is another helper. If, before cooking, you notice that the sugar is congested, do not even try to break it into pieces, because it is the same as breaking a stone. It is better to wrap the lumps in aluminum foil, and send them to the oven for 5-7 minutes. But be careful when getting it out. The sugar is very hot and can leave burns. Proceed carefully. 9 Amazing Ways To Use Aluminium Foil

3. Makeshift Piping Bag

Do not rush to the store for a makeshift piping bag, if you do not find it in your possession. Just take the aluminum foil, twist it into the desired shape, cut the desired pattern on the tip and use it as intended. Voila. Professional makeshift piping bag is ready. 9 Amazing Ways To Use Aluminium Foil

4. Sharpen Scissors

If you notice that your scissors are blunt, but you are so busy working that you can not visit the master of sharpening, listen to this advice. Twist the foil into the shape of a ball, and then try to cut this very ball several times. You will notice that the sharpness of the scissors has increased, and now you do not need to worry that when cutting the herbs they’re torn into pieces. This is really a very useful tip, save it. 9 Amazing Ways To Use Aluminium Foil

5. Protect Pies From Burning

Cooking pies is a real art, so we advise you to carefully listen to this advice, if you are not a professional in this field and constantly catch yourself thinking that the top is burned in contrast to the pie itself. To achieve perfect baking of the pie from all sides, and to avoid darker sides, try putting a sheet of aluminum foil directly on the top of the pie at the beginning of cooking. This will help you give the middle and end of the pie a faster grip. Don’t forget to remove the paper from the top, otherwise you will get a problem with the pie again. Don’t thank us. 9 Amazing Ways To Use Aluminium Foil

6. Clean Silver

We are approaching the most useful tips related to the use of aluminum foil. So, tip number one. If you are a happy owner of silver, whether it is silverware or you wear jewelry on your body, and you have noticed that the problem of silver darkening over time has not passed you by, this advice is for you. Line a baking sheet with aluminum foil, add a few tablespoons of salt and baking soda, lay your silverware on top and cover with water. The beauty of this method is that you absolutely do not have to do anything or rub the silver, a chemical reaction will do everything for you. If you don’t believe it, see for yourself. 9 Amazing Ways To Use Aluminium Foil

7. Clean Up The Iron

If you suddenly notice that after long-term use of the iron, its coating began to deteriorate, or its bottom was covered with spots, just put a sheet of aluminum foil and run the iron over it about a dozen times. You will be surprised to find that the surface of the iron again shines and looks fresh. 9 Amazing Ways To Use Aluminium Foil

8. Scrub The Grime Away

If you notice that the surface of your baking sheet or cast-iron pans is covered with a coating that is difficult to remove, this advice is for you. Twist a small ball of aluminum foil and carefully clean the desired surfaces with it. You will be surprised, but this method is sometimes more effective than most expensive cleaning products. 9 Amazing Ways To Use Aluminium Foil

9. Ironing More Efficiently

If you, like me, are constantly faced with the problem of Ironing particularly naughty areas on clothing, which have to spend a lot of time, then listen here. Just put a layer of tinfoil under the cover of your ironing board. When you iron your clothes, the heat will be reflected right back, so it’s like ironing your clothes on both sides at once. The problem of crumpled things after this advice will leave you once and for all, and will never be a problem for you again. 9 Amazing Ways To Use Aluminium Foil And, again, don’t thank me. The most important thing is that these tips are really useful for you. Have a nice day.