9 Things a Woman Wants to See in Her Lover

When looking for a soul mate, a woman should clearly know what qualities she wants to see in her man and whatnot. Understanding these needs and desires will ensure that you meet someone you truly deserve. Besides, this will save a significant part of your time because you will not need to go on stupid dates if you did not see what you need in a man from the first minutes. If you still don’t know what most women look for in men, take a look at these 9 things.


What could be sexier in a man? Any woman wants to find a strong and confident man. This quality can overshadow many disadvantages. A guy can be incredibly handsome but without confidence, he will quickly lose interest from his lady. On the other hand, it is important to maintain a balance because the line between a strong and self-confident man is too thin.
9 Things a Woman Wants to See in Her Lover


Kindness has a big impact on any relationship. Women want their men to treat them with care and respect. If kindness really matters in your relationship, you will easily overcome problems and disagreements.


The modern world is too relaxed and loyalty in relationships is not common. Finding a reliable and loyal man should be one of the top priorities on your list. First of all, this is a solid foundation of a love relationship, and it gives you a guarantee for a happy future with the person you have chosen.
9 Things a Woman Wants to See in Her Lover

Financial foundation

If you are looking for a man for a serious relationship, make sure he is financially independent. We are not saying that he should be the sole breadwinner, but he should earn the most of the family budget. Thus, a woman feels protected while a man increases self-confidence.


Women are very sensitive, that’s why they won’t go on the second date if they have not felt the chemistry. This is that inexplicable spark that the guy feels when looking into her eyes. But if it didn’t happen, you definitely need to continue your search.
9 Things a Woman Wants to See in Her Lover

Health and hygiene

If you want to attract a woman’s attention, take care of your appearance. Everyone knows that ladies love pleasant scents, and you can use this bonus. On the female side, there is nothing worse than a man who smells bad.

Outgoing and friendly

If a girl introduced you to her friends, this is a good sign. To continue on this path, try to make a good impression. You should be friendly, open, and cheerful. It is important to maintain a balance in these qualities. It works both ways and the girl wants to meet your friends too…remember this.
9 Things a Woman Wants to See in Her Lover

Sense of humour

Laughter, jokes, and a sense of humour will make any guy attractive. Women love when their men tell jokes because it creates a fun atmosphere in which each of you can be yourself. A good sense of humour is great on a first date and when looking for common interests!


First of all, women are looking for a good, kind, and reliable friend. You can then become passionate lovers, but friendship determines how your relationship develops and how you relate to each other. Make sure that the man will support you in difficult times and enjoy pleasant events with you.

If you are looking for your soul mate or a good friend, pay attention to these qualities. They will show you what kind of man you really need!