A List of A-stars Who Prefer to Use Public Transport

We all dream of something big and unique. Anyway, there’s no need to say everybody dreams of becoming a star. We always think that A-list stars are synonymous with wealth, prosperity, and fame. When we think about having the stars’ lifestyle we probably think of having any kind glamorous parties every weekends, super-fast and extremely expensive cars of different manufacturer, standing in garage one by one, enormous and huge mansions of different colours and materials etc. What if we are absolutely wrong and our way of thinking about them is erroneous? We don’t think of the stars as usual people. By that, I mean, we don’t usually imagine they’re the same people, just like us, with the same everyday routine. We usually forget that simply the easiest way to get from point A to B is to use public transport. Do you really think that a star whose work schedule is incredibly tight wants to waste precious time idling in traffic? Absolutely not. The Los Angeles metro, the New York subway and the London tube are the places where you can meet your favorites anytime, and they seem not to put any effort to disguise their appearance from their fans and try their best to look as anyone else. Moreover, sometimes you may not only see your favorite star, but also have an opportunity to snap a photo, or even to have a small-talk with object of your affection. The next time you’re taking a ride wherever you are and no matter what kind of public transport do you use, keep your eyes peeled as you may never know which one celebrity from the following list might be sitting next to you.

1. Rihanna

You can’t spot one of the most successful R&B women singers, Rihanna, while travelling by public transport in the U.S., but you obviously have a chance to see her on the London tube. Just like on the photo, glasses can really be a successful key to disguise, but wait. Everybody wants at least once to be a regular tourist, no matter the status. A List of A-stars Who Prefer to Use Public Transport<

2. Dakota Fanning

Dakota Fanning is a big movie star nowadays, but what is great about her personality – she’s still using the Subway in NY just like an ordinary person without that popularity. Maybe the key to solving that lies in the fact that that the girl was ingaged into acting since her early childhood. Perhaps, this is why she does not disdain to use public transport as the best way to get to the right place A List of A-stars Who Prefer to Use Public Transport

3. Drew Barrymore

A recipient of numerous accolades, including a Golden Globe, a Screen Actors Guild Award, and a BAFTA nomination, Drew Barrymore feels herself absolutely by using public transport. Speaking about Drew, she did really have crazy young years. But when we grow older, we come to an idea that the best way to keep the lights on is to be flexible as much as possible. As you can see on the photo, Drew Barrymore doesn’t really mind to take a ride on the subway in New York in her wide-brimmed hat and dark glasses. Take off your hat, Brew, we recognized you! A List of A-stars Who Prefer to Use Public Transport

4. Olivia Wilde

Ah, Olivia. She had a really breakthrough role of Dr. Remy Hadley on medical drama series “House”, and we can absolutely assure you this series is what you need to see if you still thinking whether do it or not. Olivia was born in New York. So, considering her a native New Yorker, she has been using the subway to get around the city since her childhood. As you can see, nothing has changed since that except of her becoming a huge Hollywood star. A List of A-stars Who Prefer to Use Public Transport

5. Michael Douglas

This man is a gem. A star of the films ‘Wall Street’ (1987), ‘Basic Instinct’ (1992), and ‘Wonder Boys’, (2000), actor Michael Douglas is on our list too. Can you imagine an actor with estimated net worth of $300 million dollars using any kind of public transport? To tell truth, we can’t. But here he’s. Being originated from New Jersey, Michael has always been down to earth and a friendly person. Right now he’s located in New York. What’s the best way to take your kids to school? Subway, of course. We have a huge respect for Michael as a person. A List of A-stars Who Prefer to Use Public Transport

6. Paul Wesley

If you ever had a chance to see ‘Vampire Diaries’, we don’t really need to tell you who Paul Wesley is. He doesn’t really worry about having a train-ride just like everyone else and feels absolutely okay to stand with ordinary people just like he’s no star. Respect. A List of A-stars Who Prefer to Use Public Transport

7. Jake Gyllenhaal

Our all-time favorite actor Jake Gyllenhaal is another gem on our list. This fellow actor has always been down to earth, just like Michael Douglas, and has been spotted in the New York Subway thousands of time. The star of “Prisoners” and many other outstanding films likes to travel as incognito as possible, wearing different beanies, dark glasses and wearing usual clothes, but in this case it’s unreal to stay unrecognisable when you’re Jake Gyllenhaal. We do really like this man and his simplicity and always wish him all the best.

8. Zooey Deschanel

Zooey has always been a stickler for the old ways, wearing any of the kind vintage dresses, and it’s so unusual to see her being just a regular passenger of the subway. We do really expect her to drive a vintage car having old-fashioned hairstyle, but she seems to be a regular person sleeping in a wan just like everyone else in the morning or in the evening. Respect, Zooey. A List of A-stars Who Prefer to Use Public Transport

9. Eddie Redmayne

The star of the films ‘The Theory of Everything’, ‘The Danish Girl’ and ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’ film series, Eddie Redmayne, has been spotted in the London Tube numerous times. What we love about Britain is that stars don’t shy away from using public transport instead of personal transport. Eddie is not an exception too. Respect. A List of A-stars Who Prefer to Use Public Transport

10. Tom Hiddleston

Tom Hiddleston, another one of our all-time favorites, who has always been portraying villainous characters, in not an exception too. Being mostly famous for his appearence as Loki, brother and enemy of Thor, this Hollywood heartthrob is another example how fame doesn’t change the person. When he’s in London, he usually prefer to ride the Tube than taxi or personal car. He’s been spotted thousands of times, and luckily for his fans, Tom is just an ordinary person, for us mortals.