Already, grown-up celeb kids, whom you’ve known since their birth

Children of celebrities become famous and popular from birth. These cute babies get on magazine covers or news headlines before they can speak. The destinies of these kids are different. Some continue the business of their famous moms or dads, and someone tries not to attract special attention to themselves. Do you want to know what these kids are like now? Then look at the grown-up celebs’ kids.

Meadow: daughter of Paul Walker

The girl didn’t follow in her late father’s footsteps. She works as a model and is the face of some popular brands. Five years ago, Meadow became the creator of a foundation that helps the underprivileged youth. This foundation has been named after Paul Walker.

Already, grown-up celeb kids, whom you've known since their birth

Ava: daughter of Ryan Phillippe & Reese Witherspoon

The girl is 20 years old and is studying at UC Berkeley. Ava has a very close relationship with her mom and she is proud of it. How close the relationship is can be seen in Ava’s social networks. There, the girl regularly publishes images with Reese. Despite the closeness to her mother, Ava has not become an actress but is a talented sculptor and painter.

Already, grown-up celeb kids, whom you've known since their birth

Brandon Thomas Lee: son of Tommy Lee & Pamela Anderson

The guy’s 23, and he’s already a popular actor. Brandon has starred in several successful films, and like his parents love to be in the spotlight.

Already, grown-up celeb kids, whom you've known since their birth

Bindi: daughter of Terri & Steven Irwin

The 22-year-old girl has been popular for over ten years thanks to her parents. Bindi became known thanks to an Australian show about wildlife and crocodiles, in which her mom and dad took part. Now the girl is married, and is also a wildlife protector, just like her legendary father. Also, Bindi dreams of becoming a popular actress and already has several appearances in the cinema.

Already, grown-up celeb kids, whom you've known since their birth

Sons of Britney Spears & Kevin Federline

Jayden and Sean are just typical teenagers. The boys are now 13 and 14 years old. Although you probably still remember the custody battle that took place a few years ago between celebrities. Now Kevin Federline and Britney Spears are not as active in the fight for children as before, and the boys look happy. At least in joint photos with mom and dad.

Paris: daughter of Michael Jackson

The cult singer’s daughter was accustomed to being in the spotlight from early childhood. After Michael Jackson passed away, Paris disappeared from view for a while, and her name stopped appearing in the media. But later, the girl began to lead an active social life. Now she is a well-known fashion model and actress.

Brooklyn: son of Victoria & David Beckham

These couple of celebs have incredibly attractive kids. It couldn’t have been any other way.  Brooklyn is their eldest son and is 21 years old. He’s engaged to the American actress Nicola Peltz, who’s 25 years old.