Apart From a Salad: 8 Non-Standard Ways to Use Olive Oil to Become More Beautiful

Many of us know about the useful qualities of olive oil, its amazing taste and flavor, and how it can make better nearly every dish. But, olive oil is the closest mean to enhance your beauty also. Just emphasize. This oil is an excellent moistener that does not contain chemicals of any kind. You can freely use it for making masks, creams, and for other purposes we will tell you about in this article. So, let’s speak precisely about ways of using it.

For your bath

A hot bath is perfect for relaxation and is highly recommended to take more or less frequently. That is not only a good mean to help your body but also to relax your mind. If you add olive oil to your bath, approximately 3-5 tablespoons, the effect from it can be greater than from various chemical means. For an extra effect, you may add 5-8 drops of other natural oil that you like. Many girls who have already tried oil for this purpose, can prove that skin becomes extremely soft after using it for a bath. 8 Non-Standard Ways to Use Olive Oil to Become More Beautiful

As a perfect mask that your hair will enjoy

This oil can boost dramatically the growth and strength of the whole hair. This effect is reached thanks to fatty acids and antioxidants that olive oil has. Despite the fact that our scalp can produce enough oil, the hair ends usually suffer from the lack of nourishment. This happens mostly because of the chemical products we use for your hair. To rehabilitate your hair, you can prepare and apply a very simple mask for your hair. Mix a bit of honey and olive oil. Then put this mixture on your hair and leave it for some short time, usually around 15-20 minutes. Afterward, wash your hair. For a better effect, you may leave this mask longer – for 60 minutes or even till the morning. This is only one suggestion for you. But, this oil is perfect for mixing with the most of natural ingredients and other oils. You are free to experiment for identifying your best personal receipt. 8 Non-Standard Ways to Use Olive Oil to Become More Beautiful

For your fast makeup removal

Yes, this sounds very unusual but oil from olives can be perfect for your makeup removal. This mean is natural and can tenderly remove your makeup. To make this, you need simply take a cotton ball and soak it in this oil. Apart from removing your cosmetics, the oil will simultaneously nourish your skin. This will increase the elasticity of your skin. Moreover, the oil can be nearly perfect for aging skin. Here is another possible way for applying olive oil. Prepare a mixture from the oil and liquid soap. Such mixture will enable to clean effectively all brushes for makeup. For this purpose, you need only to put your brushes into a glass with this mixture until they become soaked. Afterward, wash them by using water until they become clean. 8 Non-Standard Ways to Use Olive Oil to Become More Beautiful

To clean your face with it

Olive oil can be extremely good for this purpose also. It is able to clean your face and remove any kind of impurities you could gain after your working day. Put a little bit of your oil into your palms and wait until it becomes warmer. Afterward, apply it gently to your skin for approximately 40-60 seconds. If you massage your face, the effect can be better. Your skin and muscles will be released from the daily stress and become more relaxed. Be gentle with your skin to reach such results. To open your pores, take a simple washcloth and sop it with hot water. Then put this cloth to a face and wait till it becomes cool. After completing this procedure, remove olive oil from the skin and enjoy positive results. 8 Non-Standard Ways to Use Olive Oil to Become More Beautiful

For different kinds of face masks

The oil serves as a perfect base for different variations of masks. This can be extremely important for aging and dry types of skin. For a better effect, you can mix it with other natural oils you like. Alternatively, you may use it with the mashed avocado. Olive oil contains plenty of antioxidants that prevent aging and nourish effectively any kind of skin. At the same time, fatty acids can make your skin more healthy and silky. For a better work of this mask, apply it on your wet skin. There are many receipts of exfoliators you can use to clean your face. Here is one of them. Simply mix the oil, honey, and two teaspoonfuls of salt. Apply this exfoliator on your skin to make it healed and hydrated. 8 Non-Standard Ways to Use Olive Oil to Become More Beautiful

For your heels

Olive oil is perfect to heal any cracks you may find on your heels. Apart from their painful nature, cracks are looking not very good also. Of course, it is easy to find many helpful synthetic means in a drugstore. But, our suggestion is to pay attention to the next receipt. Put the oil on heels to cover them smoothly. If you are generous with it, you may reach a better effect on your heels. Afterward, wear your warm socks and sleep the whole night in them. In the morning, simply wash this oil from your heels. You will see that your skin is nourished and normal again. For a better effect, add any other type of oil to the olive oil base. 8 Non-Standard Ways to Use Olive Oil to Become More Beautiful

For massage and relaxation

The oil can become nearly perfect for any kind of massage. The first argument in its favor is that it is easy to buy and apply. Moreover, you may simply mix it effectively with different types of oils for beauty procedures and aromatherapy. Due to its features, the oil can be very helpful for any type of skin. Among others, the oil contains vitamins, fatty acids, polyphenols that nourish properly skin and are essential for its health and beauty. As you can see, olive oil can be nearly a universal mean for your beauty routines. The list of all things mentioned above is only approximate. You are free to experiment and look for your application of this wonderful oil. 8 Non-Standard Ways to Use Olive Oil to Become More Beautiful