Attractions for Tourists but Tortures for Animals: 7 cases

You may not think about that but handling a monkey, buying some shell jewelry, riding an elephant, and other similar activities make animals feel abused. It is torture for them to entertain people every day in captivity. At the same time, tourists even may not notice that they have become patrons of this industry encouraging cruelty towards animals. Here are some attractions you may simply avoid and make your contribution to the protection of animal rights at the same time.

1. Rides on elephants

Elephants start to be trained for these rides in their early childhood and gain a terrible experience. Trainers tie their legs using a short-chain. This is made specifically to break gradually the spirit of these animals. These “trainers” also beat poor animals and leave them starving. Such “training” can likely help to make animals more obedient so tourists could make a couple of photos for their Instagram and Facebook. It sounds horrible.

Attractions for Tourists but Tortures for Animals: 7 cases

2. Snakes

Snake charmers and snake dances nearby can look nearly captivating. But, this costs a lot. To make reptiles prepared for that shows, people remove their sharp fangs and block their ducts that supply venom. Afterward, a horrible cobra becomes very docile and inoffensive even for children. But, these operations can cause plenty of infections and painful death for reptiles. This is terrible

Attractions for Tourists but Tortures for Animals: 7 cases

3. Carriages with horses

This activity sounds as usual only at first glance. Historically, we have accustomed to this type of rides and they sound very natural. But, the times have changed. It hardly could be romantic to spend a date, for instance, when poor animals suffer nearby. Yes, many people even don’t think about that. But, despite the weather conditions, noise, cars, and other hazards, horses should ride calmly and make their passengers joyful. Their training is also very severe. And sometimes they even fall and die during their rides. Sounds less romantic, isn’t it?

Attractions for Tourists but Tortures for Animals: 7 cases

4. Shell accessories

It is not true what many resources say. Most of the accessories that are selling at beach resorts are made not from the collected shells. In fact, this process is far less peaceful and even cruel. The farmed mollusks are left alive in the sun to dry finally. Afterward, these shells are placed in the barrels with acid. This liquid is designated specifically to dissolve the flesh of mollusks. And only then shells are collected for making the accessories. Just remember this story when you will decide to support this terrible process by purchasing different accessories on the beaches.

Attractions for Tourists but Tortures for Animals: 7 cases

5. Bullfighting
Bullfights can look nearly captivating. But, there is one secret about this entertaining event. All bulls are made weak before starting shows. Otherwise, toreadors will have fewer chances to win and face great risks for their lives instead. In fact, they make bulls almost blind by using special powder, drop some weight on the bull’s backs, and even use drugs. Finally, during the so-called shows, toreadors kill the weak bulls with their swords. How “courageous” it is!!!

Attractions for Tourists but Tortures for Animals: 7 cases
6. Dolphinarium
Yes, cute shows with dolphins look gorgeous. But, these creatures look happy only at first glance. This is not because of curious tourists who decided to swim and play with dolphins. They are actually could not be happy when imprisoned and in a tiny pool with chlorine water. These places are entertaining for tourists but they are prisons for dolphins.

7. Monkey dances
Cute monkey performers are intelligent but unhappy also. They experience terrible training conditions with violence. Their “work” is also extremely hard. Who knows how they finish it after a day of entertaining curious tourists.

We hope this information will help you for making more conscious choices.