Beauty Secrets by Charming Monica Bellucci

In our world, everything changes except the beauty of Monica Bellucci. Aged 56, the Italian actress and model still looks no older than 35. Many fans are wondering how she manages to look so young. They continue to follow and discuss every event in Bellucci’s life. Most of all, they were interested in why the actress did not give birth to children before 40. It may seem that Monica Bellucci has found the fountain of youth or received a secret recipe for giving new life. Everything is quite possible, but the actress claims that she has 8 secrets that keep her young and healthy.

Secret #1: without makeup
The life of an actress is filled with events and secular parties. Therefore, Monica Bellucci uses a lot of makeup to look attractive in public. However, she does not go to bed until she has removed all of her makeup. During sleep, the skin must rest and be saturated with air – the actress has repeatedly said.
Beauty Secrets by Charming Monica Bellucci

Secret #2: Fluctuating weight is normal
Women worry about extra pounds that come on the scales. Bellucci is not worried about her weight, and she says weight fluctuation is a popular phenomenon. If you find one extra pound today, you can lose it tomorrow by adding a little activity. Celebrity’s friends even say that she does not count the calories of her food. If Monica Bellucci is gaining extra pounds, she appears in public in black outfits.
Beauty Secrets by Charming Monica Bellucci

Secret #3: Stay hydrated
That may seem the most obvious, but many of us are dehydrated without even knowing it. One of the main rules of the actress is to drink at least two litres of water per day. By following this recommendation, you will keep your skin shiny and bright. Moreover, prolonged dehydration leads to various diseases.

Secret #4: Eat what you want
The figure of Monica Bellucci suggests that she goes to the gym and follows a strict diet. In fact, this is not the case. The actress loves Italian cuisine and as you know, it contains a lot of flour and high-calorie products, not to mention wine and other alcohol. However, this does not stop the actress, and she is not ashamed of her food. If she feels overweight or underweight, she simply adjusts the portions of food.
Beauty Secrets by Charming Monica Bellucci

Secret #5: Stay active
From time to time, you might see this celebrity at the gym. In some interviews, the model admitted that she does not like this type of activity. Relaxing yoga and swimming, in her opinion, do more benefits than exhausting fitness. You simply need to be active every day and avoid strenuous physical activity to maintain the beauty of your body.
Beauty Secrets by Charming Monica Bellucci

Secret #6: A cold shower is the best way to start your day
People say that Monica Bellucci does not believe in plastic surgery. Therefore, her youth and beauty are natural. According to the Italian actress, it is important to start the new day right. A cold shower is an integral part of her daily life. Coldwater improves skin elasticity and firmness. It will also have a positive effect on your health. Without a strong immune system, you won’t get the results you want.
Beauty Secrets by Charming Monica Bellucci

Secret #7: Take care of your lips
Lush lips are the pride of Monica Bellucci. Surprisingly, she did it without botox and other treatments. “With their help, you speak, eat, and kiss” so don’t forget to moisturize them in time, especially in summer.
Beauty Secrets by Charming Monica Bellucci

Secret #8: Work on your hair
Her hair always retains its shine. But how is this possible? Monica’s secret is that she doesn’t apply heat to her hair. Yes, she gives up hairdryers and flattening irons that every modern woman has in her arsenal. Instead of blow-drying the hair, Monica Bellucci dries it thoroughly. As a result, her hair remains strong and youthful.

If you like how Monica Bellucci looks at 56 years old, you should definitely follow the tips above. They will prolong your youth and beauty for years!