Beyond Beauty Standarts #uglymakeup Movement

We are used to live in a world with imposed principles about beauty. It’s a bit harsh to speak like this, but it’s true.
What do you think about first when it comes to applying makeup? An ordinary person who is not connected to the beauty industry will think of something beautiful, something magnetizing and visually pleasing. Social and mainstream media are striving to make you think that makeup is a key to solve all the facial and body problems. Do you want to look much alike that model from the first page of the usual glossy magazine? Then buy some of these, hide your imperfections and make your best features highlighted. Rarely a person thinks about him or her being unique. The media have a very big influence these days. When it comes to makeup, you will see a picture-perfect model with a genetically pure skin advertising a cleansing product. Want to look like a Barbie doll with a perfect-shaped and flawless face? Take a look at this full glamorous looking-girl on the screen.
Two of the most influencing platforms of this century, Instagram and YouTube, are broadcasting the same idea through millions of viewers. You may search for any influencer and, probably, you will see a beauty guru that will tell you how to come to perfection with contouring your face, making your eyelashes about to fly with different products or creating sharp eyeliner looks.
You don’t need to hide your imperfections and the game-changer has come. @uglymakeuprevolution trend is here to show beauty from a completely different angle.

What we’ve forgotten about the real meaning of makeup is that it was meant to be about uniqueness and a form of self-expression. It’s not about sticking to nowadays’ beauty standarts of society broadcasting through every device, it’s about having your own inner-self to be free and to strive to be the best version of yourself. You shouldn’t compare yourself to a professional model from the screen and try to look like him or her, you’re to think about your personality. No one can tell you how your face or makeup should look like. It’s only yours decision to make.
Beyond Beauty Standart Movement
We’d like to introduce you with Eszter Magyar (@esztermagyarmua) from Berlin working as a regular makeup artist during the day. Just like everyone else, Eszter has an absolutely different side, and she tries to express it through unique kind makeup. She runs an Instagram account (we’ve put a link above) where she posts her makeup experiments and tries to unleash her inner-self. We were surprised to see that instead of encouraging an artist for her conceptual looks, people often leave acerbic and angry comments.
Eszter sees the world through her own eyes and says she doesn’t mind the haters.
Beyond Beauty Standart Movement
The idea of bringing conceptual makeup without any makeup to life came to Eszter’s mind rather suddenly. It was born out of the joke when she and her friends were having time together and joking about a new trend that might outshine the new Kardashians and become a real breakthrough.
She used #uglymakeuprevolution hashtag just for fun, and she didn’t expect to see any people using this hashtag when she checked back a few months after. What suprised her most, people were really using it and tagging their personal vision of how makeup should lool like with this hashtag.
Beyond Beauty Standart Movement
A brilliant idea to start an #uglymakeuprevolution Instagram account was born. Magyar started to make posts with this make-ups, expressing her own inner vision, moreover, she started to post other people’s private photos she’d find tagged with it. Her fanbase becomes stronger day by day, and a community based around ugly makeup was born.
This hashtag, of course, is just a pun. You can’t tell this makeup ugly by looking at these pictures, it’s just unusual and unique. You won’t see people wearing such makeup on the streets, it’s all about art.
Beyond Beauty Standart Movement
The central idea lying-in this movement is to be creative at your most. You need to be interconnected with your inner feelings and your moods to create something unique and special, you need to pay special attention to what your heart says in order to express yourself in whatever way you feel look right. People use face paint and even random objects they have around them to make their themselves unique and fascinating. So, it’s better to say this movement is not about makeup in the way how we used to think.
Beyond Beauty Standart Movement
In case you’ve never heard about this new to this world “ugly” movement, we insist that you visit this account and take a look all by yourself at these enchanting looks created by random people. We bet, you’ll like it and be inspired. Our self-isolating time at home, hopefully, is coming to an end, and maybe it’s the best time ever to hop on a departing train and no longer of worrying what other people will think about you to be unique.
Beyond Beauty Standart Movement
When it comes to anything, the first rule you need to remember you don’t need to be a professional. The same about being a makeup artist. Trust your instincts, your heart and soul and have courage to give yourself an opportunity to be who you want to be and to look like you want. The time to be your best self has already come.