Brutal, funny, and stylish Lion King characters in the world of people

Artists play an important role in modern society. Where would we be without their art, mood, and fun? This became relevant during quarantine when most artists improve their talent by creating new masterpieces. So, a resident of Los Angeles Marco finally found the time to portray the characters of the cult cartoon in a new style. The young graphic designer rethought Lion King introducing animals in his imagination. If you have already forgotten about childhood then you will like this set of illustrations.

From childhood to adulthood

Brutal, funny, and stylish Lion King characters in the world of people We all love cartoons and especially Lion King and Marco is the person who takes this love to a new level. The idea to portray characters in a human-style came to the designer when he spent a typical quarantine day watching the popular Japanese anime called “Beastars”. Its authors portrayed animals in a human style and it is noteworthy that the main characters were lions. It reminded Marco of the Disney movie. Besides, he remembered several other hits that helped him return to childhood. Marco spends at least 6 hours on the creation of one character, but at least half of it goes to its research. First, the artist selects a character and then draws a parallel to the world of people choosing the most suitable style, manner, and mood. He also says that even the smallest details require special attention because they form a holistic image. Brutal, funny, and stylish Lion King characters in the world of people Sometimes Marco has to revise the cartoon with pauses to remember the features of the selected character. Then he photographs himself in a position that he would like to see with his character. According to the designer, it looks believable; moreover, he manages to choose the right mood, which is 90% success. The results impressed Marco. Internet users copied and printed his paintings with great speed because they all liked the new style of popular characters. And many people send him funny and inappropriate comments related to their attraction to a particular character. A graphic designer from sunny Los Angeles has become very popular. In an interview, he said that he was very happy to give people positive and vivid emotions in such difficult times. Brutal, funny, and stylish Lion King characters in the world of people

What characters have already received new roles?

As expected, the artist depicted Scar in a black tuxedo which indicates its cruelty and thirst for power. Mufasa in the human version received kilograms of muscle and a brutal look. His mane looks like after the best barbershop and a tattoo on his right arm complements modern trends. Simba and Nala are an amazing couple drawn in the same style. They differ with a confident look and lots of jewelry. Despite the positive roles if Timon and Pumba in the cartoon, Marco portrayed them in a brutal style added a stern look and beats. In general, all the characters look believable which caused such a great interest in the network.

What’s next?

Brutal, funny, and stylish Lion King characters in the world of people Meanwhile, users are offering new characters for the image. Marco says he is not going to stop. Now he has everything necessary for creativity: free time and happy people. First, the guy would like to finish his work with Lion King and then he will move on to another, no less popular film. Marco does not say what characters will appear at the end of Lion King, but he promised that it would be very interesting. You can follow his work on a social network.