Celebrities On The Streets Joining The George Floyd Protest

The year 2020 has started with very unpleasant events around the world. From the very beginning, the entire world was affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, and is still struggling it thanks to the incredible efforts of doctors and their dedication.
A few weeks ago a protest in honor of George Floyd and other African-Americans who were victims of police brutality has started. This case was the last straw, and thousands of people took to the streets to defend not only the rights of African-Americans, but also the rights of those who were subjected to unjustified violence by police. George’s Floyd tragic case is not only about police brutality, but also about the problem of institutionalised racism throughout the world. This case of racial discrimination is not unique to America, but also to many other countries where attitude towards people of a different color remain biased. People from all over the world should unite in the fight against the problem of racism and think about what they can do to eradicate the problem.
Despite the fear of being infected with covid-19, people found the strength to go out and fight back against injustice. We fully agree that social distancing is currently one of the only things that can keep the virus from spreading, but what should we do for those whose lives are constantly and with impunity put at risk by the police? Many stars share the public unrest by joining the #blacklivesmatter movement. Some of them, like Joey Bada$$ are trying to get their message across their music, some of them are using their platforms just to spread information and voices of those who deserve to be heard now as never. But some of them have gone even further and joined protests back-to-back with protestants on the streets of their cities. Let’s take a look at some of the celebrities that have been spotted protesting on the streets, with the rest of the country.

1. Jamie Foxx, the star of many Hollywood action movies, was seen protesting on the streets in the company of famous singer Ariana Grande, holding a #blacklivesmatter poster. What’s good about them, they fully support peaceful marches and are against violent protests.
Celebrities On The Streets Joining The George Floyd Protest
2. Halsey, a famous singer and current girl of an actor Ewan Peters, has been spotted protesting in the avanguard with thousands of others. She has shared some encouraging photos and videos using her Instagram profile via Instagram stories saying that while being on the protests, she and many of the others were tear-gassed by the police and was hit with rubber bullets despite of the fact they were peaceful and didn’t hurt any people or anyone’s property. She clarified that, hopefully, she wasn’t seriously injured and wasn’t placed under arrest.

3. Rapper Machine Gun Kelly, also known as MGK, was seen on the streets protesting alongside with a singer whose nickname is Yungblud. Both guys followed all the necessary measures to protect themselves and others from covid-19 using precautions by wearing masks.
Celebrities On The Streets Joining The George Floyd Protest
4. A star of Lady Bird and Call Me By Your Name, Timothee Chalamet, has also been caught on cameras joining protests against the police brutality and racism. Right now he’s located in Santa Monica, and shared some videos of him with other people on the streets in SM. Timothee was wearing a protective face mask and kept social distance all the way. He used his Instagram account to warn those joining the protests in Santa Monica that the police started to use tear gas and encouraged people to stay safe.

5. Famous model Emily Ratajkowski was protesting in a full black mask with a “dismantle power structures of oppression” sign. Anna Kendrick, an American singer and actor, has also been seen on the streets joining the protest. Anna too used all the necessary precautions to held the COVID-19.

6. Paris-Michael Katherine Jackson, a daughter of an out standing singer of the previous century, Michael Jackson, was on the streets protesting too. She was caught on camera with a “peace, love, justice” sign.
Another singer, Kehlani, protested both in real life and using her million platform to spread useful information and to keep people from the danger as much as possible.
Celebrities On The Streets Joining The George Floyd Protest
7. Nick Cannon, a star of the “Nick Cannon Show” and other movies, has also joined protests on the streets against racism and police brutality, holding up a poster with a photo of George Floyd with “justice for George Floyd” line.
His companion, rapper J. Cole too went on the streets protecting the rights of black people. J. Cole didn’t forget about the precautionary measures, and was caught on camera wearing a protective face mask while protesting.
Celebrities On The Streets Joining The George Floyd Protest
8. Another famous musician and the holder of a Grammy, Tyler, The Creator was seen on the streets, protesting taking all precautions precaution, including a mask and social distance.
Michael B Jordan, a star of Black Panther, joined the protests on the streets too, but instead of wearing protecting mask, chose to wear black bandana all over the face.
Celebrities On The Streets Joining The George Floyd Protest