Celebrities Who Have Suddenly Transformed

Musicians, actresses, and sports stars often look perfect. They define the style, fashion, and their hairstyles are always the best. However, many of them only achieved this after their transformation. When many of them took their first steps in show business, they looked different. Obviously, it took them a lot of time, hired stylists, and a lot of trial and error to achieve the status they have today. Celebrities rarely talk about those times. We thought that fans would be interested in taking a look at their idols before they made any drastic changes.

Justin Bieber

In recent years, the singer has changed his image many times. He had a mustache, new tattoos, hair. Then he got married and changed his style again. But do you remember his cute baby face and long hair with which Justin Bieber conquered the whole music world?

Kylie Jenner

This is one of the biggest transformations from awkward freckled teen to a successful billionaire. Many fans criticize Kylie Jenner, but the young rich girl is already raising a 2-year-old child having cosmetic procedures in her free time. However, Kylie states that she only has the best stylists, avoiding cosmetic surgeons and other professionals.


Today, the Colombian singer makes movies with Jennifer Lopez and works closely with Madonna to satisfy a huge fan audience with his engaging style. But he wasn’t always so hot, and by looking at the photographs at the beginning of Maluma’s career, you can see it. What is it? Lucky ticket or global transformation?

Angelina Jolie

The actress went through great changes in her career and personal life. But what’s interesting is how she looked like a teen. It seems that she always had a beautiful and sweet face, but only over the years she began to embody the grace and elegance that made her one of the most beautiful women in the world.

Chris Pratt

Someone can say that Chris Pratt suffered a makeover of the century. Hard work, professional stylists, gym, and a strict diet have turned the cute dork into a heartthrob superhero. Chris often talks about his curls and a few extra pounds but he always smiles and says that he was always damn attractive.

Kim Kardashian

Was this minimalist always sleek and monochrome? Just look at her photos a few years ago. This style looks downright strange. The makeup and jewelry (especially their cost) are impressive though.

Lionel Messi

When you talk about football fashion, you probably think about David Beckham or Cristiano Ronaldo. But look at the famous Argentine soccer player and Barcelona star. Lionel Messi had a lot of makeovers and he looks amazing today!

Tom Hardy

The actor has really changed. Take a look at his photo when he attended one of his first auditions. Personal style? That is unlikely. It’s interesting what he was thinking while putting on the headband?


Weight loss is one of the singer’s main transformations. Although she felt comfortable and surprised fans all over the world with her beautiful voice. Overall, her new shape and make-up claim the best upgrade of the year!

Kelly Osbourne

A new member of the Adams family? No, that is Kelly’s 2000-s style. A ton of makeup with black eyes and bright lipstick doesn’t seem like the best choice and over time, Kelly has figured it out. She began doing sport, following a diet, and visiting beauticians approaching the perfection we see today.


Celebrities work hard so as not to disappoint their fans. They follow diets, trends, and preferences to look impressive the next time you see them.