Celebs’ breakups that crushed fans hearts

We cannot but admire and idolize the relationships of celebrities. To ordinary people, these relationships seem so perfect, and the constant media coverage makes us think we know them as our own ones. Therefore, whenever a celebrity we have been following closely breaks up, we are saddened as if it has happened with us. We know that this is a stupid thing to do. We also know that we don’t have to feel anything about other people’s relationships, but there’s nothing we can do about it. Let’s look now at the celebs’ breakups that we were most upset about.

Brad Pitt with Jenifer Aniston

Their fans never will get over this fact, yes? Especially now that Pitt with Jolie no longer together as a couple too. Jennifer Aniston with Brad was the hottest couple in the 2000s. Nobody can take it from our hearts, especially after that sweet reunion Pitt plus Aniston had at the SAG and this flirty Zoom scene.

Robert Pattinson with Kristen Stewart

They were so charmingly awkward. Plus, they both really loathed Twilight as much as they did, even though they were the main actors in the saga. They seemed to be a couple created in heaven. However, as fate willed, this relationship was not to be continued. The Twilight saga ended as their relationship did.

Monica Bellucci with Vincent Cassel

This really cult pair had stayed with each other for eighteen years. But eventually, this true love story ended. They lived different lives for several years until they finally filed for a divorce. Cassell, as well as Bellucci, are both people who don’t need approval. Maybe that’s what kept the two people together so long.

Rachel Bilson with Adam Brody

It really was a true story on the screen romance that became real. And we expected it to last forever. However, it was over in only about 2 years. Since then Rachel has had a relationship lasting a decade and finished, but this breakup hurt us all the most.

Rachel McAdams with Ryan Gosling

Obviously, Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling weren’t even getting along when they were making The Notebook, but ultimately they turned out in a couple. That love story is so romantic and, as usual, the fans loved it. The two actors playing a couple in a film were a couple in reality. It is a dream! So it truly broke fans’ hearts after their breakup.

Tim Burton with Helena Bonham-Carter

Helena and Tim Burton were a couple of weirdos who should have stayed together no matter what. Their lives were so aesthetically pleasing; they were such an influential couple. We liked the idea of them living in adjoining houses. But maybe they were too ideal for that to be true. Nevertheless, props to them for spending thirteen years together.

Andrew Garfield with Emma Stone

That’s what we all want to watch. Actors fall in love playing a role together. It was awesome. We liked the chemistry they had and also loved their sense of humor. Andrew Garfield with Emma Stone was the sweetest pair in the world, though they never spoke in public about their relationships.

Russell Brand with Katy Perry

Well, we know they are both feeling better now, but when Katy Perry and Russell were a couple, it was some magic. They were both crazy energy balls and the two just work together. That is until we heard that Russell announced the divorce via text message. It was a hit below the belt.