Common Mistakes about Wearing Leggings

Leggings are a must-have item for any woman’s wardrobe. However, there are several legging faux pas that you should never do. Here are the top blunders to avoid when using your favorite pair of leggings.

  1. Using hot water to wash leggings

It is more about caring for your leggings than for style them, but constantly washing them in hot water can cause them to age quicker, losing their stretch, shrinking, and losing color. Adhere to cold water and you’ll never have to worry about your leggings fading or losing their form.
Common Mistakes about Wearing Leggings

  1. Don’t go overboard with the monochrome look

A monochrome outfit may be elegant, but when paired with leggings and anything other than black, it might resemble a matching gym set. So that’s not always appealing in certain situations. Combine plain ol’ leggings with non-lycra underwear in matched hues to alter your appearance from exercise to casual elegance.

  1. There should be nothing that resembles the original skin tone

We’ve all seen the Kardashians use it, and it’s much worse when they’re wearing non-designer leggings. Any hue that closely resembles your skin tone will give the impression that you’re not just wearing pants. It’s a common optical illusion that we’ve all witnessed.

  1. Do not wear white ones

Any lady who wears white leggings seems to be an outspoken individual. On white leggings, even the tiniest dirt or spill will be amplified tenfold. The light hue also highlights every dimple, wrinkle, or fold. And it is a different story if you use self-tanner.
Common Mistakes about Wearing Leggings

  1. Avoid using leggings of bright colors

When leggings are done in some bright color, they can seem high-end, but most of the time, it’s preferable to keep things discreet. Also, avoid choosing distracting ones. This can give you an 80s appearance that isn’t flattering and can overpower the rest of your clothing.

  1. Using under dresses or skirts

This design, like glittery leggings, is really out of date. It’s aesthetically befuddling, with an overly layered appearance that’s a touch too conservative, and it ages the person noticeably.
Common Mistakes about Wearing Leggings

  1. Wearing with bodysuits

Ok, let’s assume this aerobics-inspired style is out since it isn’t the 1980s or a music video for “Let’s Get Physical.” Instead, go for a more modern take on the style by wearing them with slouchy sweaters and shoes. Plus, the non-thong body suit’s panty lines aren’t particularly attractive.

  1. Never wearing leggings with a high waist

Low-rise leggings make you feel like you’re always tugging the pants up. High-waisted leggings, on the other hand, are more attractive and adaptable, pulling in your tummy and enabling you to wear them with shorter shirts or a bralette.

  1. To assume they’re exclusively for workouts or around the household

Leggings are something like simply a pair of pants for working out or lounging in. They’re less confining than jeans and may be dressed up or down. Leggings are popular among celebrities because they are both comfy and flexible. You’ll understand what we mean once you put them on with heels.
Common Mistakes about Wearing Leggings

  1. Avoid leggings with a bunch at the ankle

Leggings with a gathered ankle seem untidy, dingy, and ill-fitting. Purchase ones that are tailored to your body shape and height. If at all feasible, measure the length of the seams before making a purchase. Leggings that are excessively short or overly cropped are also unattractive.

  1. No visible hemlines on underwear

Even if you have the right to feel comfortable, consider purchasing bikini-style panties of less apparent hemlines or maybe a seamless design. If you’re already wearing leggings, they may be comfier than a thong.

  1. Avoid metallic ones

These leggings were popular in the early & the mid-2000s, but they’re now considered a major fashion faux pas. Shiny leggings are unattractive and generating bulges. Metallic golds, silvers, and neons are out! Instead of this outmoded design, black is always a safe bet for an opaque, solid hue.
Common Mistakes about Wearing Leggings

  1. Don’t wear them with a clingy outfit

This is typically a bad thing you’re heading to a late-night party and wearing heels or thigh highs. Leggings are already contoured to your figure, so any more curve-hugging is excessive. Furthermore, they aren’t the comfiest, particularly if the shirt is continually riding up. Choose a flowy tee or turtleneck instead. Choose a loose crop top and crop sweater if you’d like to show off your midriff.

  1. They aren’t jeans and don’t treat them as such

It may be enticing to wear leggings rather than jeans every day, but because they aren’t as robust as jeans, they will be rip or acquire holes if subjected to the same excessive wear.

  1. Never go overboard with sheerness

When you buy low-cost leggings or those that arrive in a multipack, you can be sure that they will be seen through. Especially if they’re light-colored or whitish. Nothing is more annoying than having other people notice what sort of underwear you’re sporting and in what color. Leggings that are more expensive and of better quality will be more solidly colored and are well worth the money.