Elderly Couple with Amazing Style

Fashion is so dramatically changing sphere, especially during the last ten years. Many people around the globe strive to look better and follow all or nearly all existing fashion trends. Still, one Germany couple (Britt Kanja and Günther Krabbenhöft) proves that some things are always more important than fashion. We speak about style and good taste that help a couple keep look gorgeous in their ages. They shine and inspire even young people on how they should look and feel in old ages. As this couple knows how to remain stylish, we want to have a deep look at their secrets.

Let’s start with a background. Brit was an icon of the style of Berlin at her young age. Günther is also very stylish but became more popular in his old age. The man is called a hipster grandfather now.

What things can be noticed at once? First of all, we notice their poses and outfits. Both can stand with dignity and they are likely to feel themselves of such kind. Their manner may appear a more vintage and it is so in fact. Still, the style of a couple is not outdated. They do not contradict the general trends but strives to follow that to the appropriate extent. Looks are always fashionable and fresh. Okay, now let’s look at each of them more precisely.

Britt looks very well and it seems that she refused aging when she was young. That was a good choice. Perhaps, the woman had a special regime that helped her to preserve this beauty. Also, Britt looks positively everywhere. So, presumably, the right attitude to life helped her to remain so young and fresh. But, Britt has a distinctive detail. She always makes her hair covered under a scarf or hat. This emphasizes her years without making her old. It looks that she likes these accessories and they suit her well also.

Günther also looks like a person that likes fashion and enjoys looking good. Even if he has not any special background about that, Günther still feels well what is appropriate and what is not, what suits him well and what is not. The man also knows how to combine various pieces of clothes harmoniously and be noticeable at the same time. Still, this man has a good sense of humor and likes making jokes about clothes. But, he says that he will never stick to any particular funny style.

One remarkable feature this man has is that he never follows fashion trends completely. Only once when black was trendy, Günther wore everything black. Generally, the man always adds something special to his looks and likes to be unique. That can be one of the components that help him to remain stylish. In a nutshell, his style expresses his personality. So, it always looks natural.

Just look at these photos where Günther wears a hat, suits, and round-formed glasses. The man also likes to use adorable accessories. Still, for him, that maybe not the only accessory. Anyway, a stylish stick that he takes adds extra points to his look. We have noticed also that Günther prefers dark blue and light colors. Another important aspect is that he loves colorful socks. As Günther says for himself, his style evolved naturally with him. So, the man has changed plenty of styles over the years.

It sounds a bit amazing but Günther says that he never tried to be someone who stands out. Perhaps, that is his inner feeling of style that is reflected in all looks Günther wears. His lifestyle was quite standard before. The man had an ordinary job and became a manager later. Perhaps, his current style reflects Günther’s deep inner colors or those aspects of his character he wants to be expressed.

This couple not only dresses noticeably but also actively participate in the cultural life of Germany. They enjoy attending various events. But, this couple never seat still there. They like to dance and socializing. Günther comments that dancing is his favorite way of keeping a good fit and mood. This is a way of feeling himself younger. And that is the right attitude to life. And the example of this couple proves this approach to be the most effective and worthy to follow. We wish for Günther and Britt to remain so shiny and cheerful.