Facts you didn’t know about spicy food

Are you ever think about what makes your tongue burn when you bite off jalapenos peppers? In our mouths, there are special taste receptors that can feel the temperature. If you have ever used menthol toothpaste, you know the «cool wind» feeling. Conversely, most Asian dishes will make you feel that Charizard is using a flamethrower in your mouth, which is very effective. Its substance is capsaicin that excites taste buds and makes you taste spicy. However, in addition to misperceptions of temperature, this substance also causes a strong blood rush to where it was applied – whether it is the skin on the hand, the tongue, or the mucous membrane. Of course, the latter has been the cornerstone of several fears and assumptions about the harm of such spicy food. But is that bad for us? Below you will read about the unexpected effects that your favorite spicy products have on our bodies.

  1. Spicy meals help in losing extra weight.

For some researchers and nutritionists, spicy peppers boost the metabolism of our bodies, decrease hunger, burn many calories. Such spicy foods can also reduce hunger for high-fat and sugary treats, so it is very good for the ones of us who are trying to reduce some own weight.
Facts you didn't know about spicy food

  1. Red pepper cures common colds.

Peppers relieve nasal mucosal spasms. Therefore, the more food filled with capsaicin, the faster you will be cured. Just add a pinch of pepper to a cup of hot tea or another beverage. First, inhale the steam for a few seconds and then drink in small sips. This way the nasal passages will be cleared and breathing will become much easier. Capsaicin as well as chili peppers contain a lot of vitamin A and therefore prevent germs from entering your body.
Facts you didn't know about spicy food

  1. Regular intake of the pepper prevents cancer.

According to scientists, curcumin can prevent the progression of certain types of cancer. Recent research suggests that the pepper may slow the growth of malignant tumor cells in prostate cancer patients. But the results still need more tests.
Facts you didn't know about spicy food

  1. The peppers might help combat anxiety and depression.

One of the most important features of peppers is that spicy meals stimulate the body to produce serotonin plus endorphin. This reduces the strain on the nervous system in difficult life situations. So order a spicy Asian dish and be happy!
Facts you didn't know about spicy food

  1. Hot peppers help avoid gastric ulcers.

Surely you’ve heard the stories about how hot peppers will burn a hole in people’s stomachs or give them peptic ulcers. The truth is, hot peppers help prevent ulcers. Research has shown capsaicin neutralizes helix bacteria that trigger the disease. People who eat a lot of Asian foods are 3 times more likely to not get peptic ulcers than people whose daily diets are traditional American or European foods.
Facts you didn't know about spicy food

  1. Spicy foods are good for your heart.

Spicy meals decrease the chance of cardiovascular disease by reducing bad cholesterol and increasing good cholesterol levels in the blood. Capsaicin has recently caught the attention of researchers for its capacity to strengthen blood vessel walls and stabilize a heart rhythm. In addition, this pepper contains a tremendous number of antioxidants that inhibit aging.