Famous Plus-Size Model Tess Holliday: 8 Interesting Facts

When it comes to models, we imagine thin girls whose weight rarely exceeds 40 kg. But Tess Holliday is hardly a regular model. It’s worth starting with the fact that its weight exceeds 300lb (138kg) and for comparison, this is the weight of guys who play American Football. Five years ago Tess Holliday received the title of the heaviest woman along with a modeling agency contract. So, she proved that you don’t need to train 3 hours a day to become a famous model. There are more interesting facts about Tess Holliday who travels around the world and is photographed for popular magazines.

She doesn’t know how many tattoos she has      

Holliday first visited a tattoo salon when she was 18 years old. Her first tattoo artist had just gotten out of prison, and she thought the tattoo had to be of high quality. Since then, new pictures have regularly appeared on her body and at the last count, their number exceeded 30. You can see Hello Kitty, a rose, a bat, and other tattoos on her body.
Famous Plus-Size Model Tess Holliday: 8 Interesting Facts

The scar with a disturbing history

Fans often ask Tess Holliday about the scar on her finger. Not long ago, a supermodel admitted that she got a scar when she was bitten by a rat. However, she did not give details of how this happened. Probably we will never even know the truth.

London is the city of her dreams

Holliday often gets original questions and in one of them, the model admitted that if she could move to any city on the planet, she would choose London. In this case, the question is why doesn’t she just pack her things and move to the capital of England? Holliday’s annual income is $1.6 million, and she has enough money to live in luxury apartments in the heart of London.
Famous Plus-Size Model Tess Holliday: 8 Interesting Facts

“Not So Subtle Art of Being a Fat Girl: Loving the Skin You’re In”

This is the title of a book that the supermodel released in 2017. In her autobiography, she talks about her childhood and growing up in an environment in which she was bullied for being overweight. It is worth noting that the book has received a large number of positive reviews, and it is still sold around the world.

Her school was in a converted Walmart building

In mid-2002, a tornado swept through Mississippi. Among the destroyed buildings was Tess Holliday’s high school building. Fortunately, the children were not left on the street, as there was an empty Walmart building in the city. It became a new school for 1200+ students, and if you want to know what it looked like, just Google it.
Famous Plus-Size Model Tess Holliday: 8 Interesting Facts

Her husband found Tess on Tumblr

In 2012, Nick Holliday expressed his admiration for Tess for promoting body positivity and breaking standards. Nick sent the girl a message which was the beginning of their romantic relationship. They got married in 2014, but the model revealed this secret only after 3 years. Today, the couple is happy because Nick and Tess support and love each other while millions of fans follow them on social media.

She often visits Disneyland

If you follow Holliday’s Instagram you have noticed how much she loves Disneyland. Aside from the fun and fairytale atmosphere. From time to time, funny incidents happen to her and one day at Disneyland, Tess met Kevin Costner and told him that he looks like Kevin Costner. He probably knows how much he looks like Kevin Costner over the years.
Famous Plus-Size Model Tess Holliday: 8 Interesting Facts

Her mother survived a murder attempt

When the model was 10, her mother, Beth, was shot twice in the head by her ex-boyfriend. Through intense physical therapy and efforts, she was able to talk and walk again, although part of her body was paralyzed for a long time. Unfortunately, she still lives in pain.