Favorite 8 sandwiches for small and adult Americans

Philly cheesesteak

The classic Philly cheesesteak sandwich is a mix of thin sliced beef, lots of processed cheese and a big roll to put it in. Fried onions are an essential component of this sandwich, whereas mushrooms, sweet and hot peppers are added optionally. There is a theory that Philly cheesesteak was invented in the early thirties, and its creator is a street hot dog vendor from Philadelphia. Anyway, this sandwich has been a great winner of the hunger for millions of Americans every day already for almost ninety years.

Peanut butter & jelly

The only sweet sandwich on our list. It is a favorite dish for many American kids, which they like to eat during breakfast and take to school. Popularity of the peanut butter & jelly sandwich began in the twenties. This is due to the beginning of sliced bread production. The jelly and peanut butter became harmonious additions to the bread, which does not even need to be cut because the manufacturer has already done this. Due to its low price, the dish became the main delicacy for many Americans during the ten-year Great Depression. There is nothing easier than to prepare such a simple but incredibly delicious meal, even a child can do it!

Pimento cheese

The main component of this dish is cheese with slices of red pepper. Each cook or housewife has her own unique recipe for making this common meal. This sandwich must necessarily include cheddar and pimento pepper, cream cheese can be added to taste. Garlic, delicate sauces and lemon juice will add spice to this dish. Pimento cheese sandwich became popular during the First World War. Inexpensive ingredients used to cook sandwiches made it popular during the difficult times of WWI. Nowadays, this simple to prepare meal has not lost its former popularity. Americans take pimento cheese sandwich on picnics or when they go on a long journey.

Pulled pork sandwich

Every state in the USA has its original sandwich. Pulled Pork Sandwich is the culinary pride of North Carolina. Barbecued pork, bread, carrots, onions, tomato sauce and spices are the constant ingredients of this dish. Any bread would be perfect for this sandwich. It can be round or stretched buns, baguette, ciabatta or even toasts. Pulled pork is one of Americans’ favorite dishes when they have a barbecue party or just spend time with family outdoors.


Cooking of the iconic New Orleans sandwich begins with the right-sized baguette, which should be no less than a half-foot. It should have a crispy crust and a very delicate white crumb. The roll is filled with fried shrimp, beef, pork, oysters or fish. Filling meat is sliced into small pieces and stewed in a sauce with spices. The sauce and vegetables, which are used both fresh and pickled, are also important ingredients. It’s such a common sandwich in New Orleans that there’s a festival with a parade and music to celebrate it. Some tourists travel to New Orleans only for po’boy. Although visually it is just a sandwich that is not different from many other sandwiches, natives are proud of it. More important for them is not the originality of the dish, but its history.

Tuna melt sandwich

Fresh baguette is roasted until golden crust. Mix tuna with capers, celery, mozzarella and fresh herbs. Put it all on the roasted baguette, sprinkle with cheese and bake it in the oven. That’ s one of the ways to make a tuna melt. There is no official recipe for this popular dish, every cook has full authority to experiment and supplement the sandwich composition. Almost any kind of cheese is suitable for this meal. Instead of baguette, croutons, toasts or bread can be used. The only constant ingredient is tuna melt.

Reuben sandwich

Similar to almost every popular dishes, there are several versions of the origin of the Reuben. We know exactly what it was invented in the USA and named after the person who invented it. And who it was, we can only guess, rereading the different versions of the food’s origin. We can’ t even determine the exact period when this delicacy appeared. Presumably, the beginning of the twentieth century, it was then that the first mentions of this cooking masterpiece appeared. Reuben sandwich is a New York delis classic. Rye bread, corned beef, crispy sauerkraut, cheese and cream sauce create an amazing taste composition.


Roomy sandwiches were invented by Italian dockers who worked at American shipyards from dawn to dusk. With various recipes and under different names, this wonder of immigrant kitchen has been spread all over the US. The name of this sandwich varies from state to city… Hoagie, wedge and even torpedo are spoken when it comes to submarine sandwich. The classic Italian/American version of the submarine is made this way. At the beginning, an elongated roll is cut lengthwise and the filling is placed there. Salami, cheese and pickled pepper are placed inside the bun one by one. This is a classic recipe for the cult dish. Step by step, innovative chefs and ordinary Americans started adding other ingredients to the submarine. Roast beef, turkey, tomatoes and mayonnaise are also well suited for this meal.