Gwen Stefani’s Son, Kingston, Comparison Then And Now

Sometimes, when you think about what fate is, you can’t help but chuckle and realize that almost everything in life is interconnected.
Gwen Stefani is not only a dazzling woman, but also a gifted singer and performer. We will not hide the fact that we have a universal love for Gwen, but there are reasons for this, which we will discuss below.
When we talk about Gwen, we can’t help but think of fate, and looking at it, we get the feeling that Gwen and music are inseparable concepts. Ironically, this was not just Gwen’s fate, but the rest of her family’s. Gavin Rossdale used to be her husband once, and the fact he’s an English singer is also funny. In present days she’s having relationships with Blake Shelton, who is… Yes, he’s a singer too and an American country music artist. Usually children rarely follow in their parents ‘ footsteps, but in Gwen’s case, her son Kingston was always interested in music. Funny, isn’t it? This capable and well-rounded boy has always shown a certain aptitude for music. Now the guy is 14 years old, but when he was only 12, he founded his own band and made his debut on stage at the same age.
If we look at a photo of Kingston from his childhood, we can see that the boy was clearly never censured by his mother, no matter what decision he made. One of the most important things that makes Gwen an admirable mother is that she has always believed that only a child can choose who to be, what to do, what to look like, and what to strive for. It is no wonder that a child who grew up in a family where music plays a dominant role, adopted the habits of his star parents. We are well aware that when you perform on stage, you must look, if not perfect, then at least cool. Actually, you can see all this in the photos below, where a child from a very young age tries out hairstyles of different lengths and colors of hair, paints his nails and dresses in various cool clothes without his parents ‘ input. Now let’s go to the pulp itself and see how the star teen has evolved throughout his life.

1. Despite the fact that the guy in the photo is barely 8 years old, he was guided by fashion trends like a fish in water. He started rocking a stylish preppy look long before it became a mainstream and did it with full grace. Certainly, the taste of this young gentleman can be trusted without fear.

2. The little guy definitely had into a punk rock style when he was younger. He was not afraid to combine incongruous colors, or to wear hairstyles of any color that he wanted to wear. In his image, you can feel a challenge to society long before the guy has grown up.

3. Many teenagers, when they first heard Kurt Cobain, wanted to be as cool as he was. In fact, this guy repeats the style of the rock stars in this photo is no less cool than most adults. A wrapped leather jacket with all these buttons and locks looks really cool on a boy.

4. Every man on the planet when getting older dreams of having the same hair that he had as a child. Looking at the hairstyle of this guy at such an early age, we understand that he will have nothing to regret, because he tried literally all styles, barely reaching the age of 14 years.

5. This guy went even further. Without much thought, he decided to try on the image of an Indian in traditional dress, and, let’s be honest, he looks just awesome with his unflappable face in the photo.

6. Not every adult fan of punk rock will decide to radically change the image, corresponding to internal urges. This tough kid didn’t care what anyone thought of him, so he just shaved the Mohawk and painted it bright blue. Admittedly, the kid looks incredibly stylish and tasteful.

7. From an early age, the kid understood that all cool rock stars at least once polish their nails in a lifetime, and he did it at least twice. On the left photo, we can see nails painted in black brutal color, and on the right more challenging different colors. The kid clearly knows how to attract the attention of the paparazzi to his person.

8. The kid didn’t disdain to challenge society even more vividly. Long dyed hair, along with dyed nails and a Lollipop in his mouth, look really attractive and impressive. The guy also clearly loved French language and Brooklyn from an early age.

9. Like any boy growing up, Kingston was no exception and once totally lost in sports. Despite the previous and challenging outfits, we can not but note that Kingston looks in sportswear as organic as possible and no less cool. Is there any outfit that doesn’t look good on this handsome boy?

10. To be honest, we don’t quite know what to call this outfit, but it can definitely be attributed to the degree of maturity of the guy and attempts to more restrained experiments, in sharp contrast to what was worn by him before. Looking good.

11. Despite the fact that the guy has grown up, he still loves to dye his hair and it seems that he will never stop doing it. Let’s admit that both hair colors look on him as if he was born with them. What hasn’t exactly changed in him over the years is his boundless love of blue.

12. Sooner or later, every boy meets his first love on the road of life, and the case of Kingston is no exception. In the photo, we can see a perfectly dressed young and serious guy with hair styling, who definitely wants to impress his girlfriend with this. Strict style suits this guy.

13. This is a more recent photo of Kingston. On them, we can see a completely average teenager who does not challenge society and wants to look like everyone else. Maybe with the exception of hair toning.

14. Being a star child is hard, but looking at these photos that his parents posted on his 14th birthday, we understand that the most important thing is parental love and approval. This is how Kingston looks now. Parents accompanied the photo by saying that they were incredibly lucky to have such a wonderful son as Kingston. Looking into his happy eyes, we understand that the guy is really happy and he is lucky to have such an understanding mother who truly loves and supports. All we can do is wish this guy success in the music field and always remain so unique.