Helpful Hints for Winter Workouts Outdoors

Outdoor workouts are one of the best ways to be in great shape, but sometimes, working out in cold weather can be detrimental to your health. It doesn’t mean you have to stop exercising with the onset of winter. All you need to do for safe working out during the cold weather is to strictly follow the advice and guidelines from people who have connected their lives with sports. If you will be exercising outdoors this winter, take a look at these helpful tips to prepare and protect your body during cold-weather workouts. By applying these six tips together, the winter outdoor exercises will be a huge benefit for your body.

Wear clothes with bright colors

Although it is fashionable to wear dark colors now, you do not need to follow these fashion trends when it comes to outdoor workouts in the cold season. The main priority for you should be safety. The fact is that in winter gets dark much earlier than in other seasons, and because of the snow or rain, it is more difficult for motorists to see pedestrians. Clothes with bright and light colors will help drivers see you.
Helpful Hints for Winter Workouts Outdoors

Use a flashlight

Clothing with bright colors will help you be visible to drivers, but to be as protected as possible in the dark, you should use a flashlight. It is also a way to light your path and protect yourself from falling on slippery surfaces. For convenience, you can take wearable flashlights to your winter outdoor workout.
Helpful Hints for Winter Workouts Outdoors

Maintain the water balance of your body

When exercising in the cold season outdoors, don’t forget about the right quantity of drinking. When going to work out, be sure to bring a thermos with warm beverages. For this case perfectly suit non-carbonated mineral water, herbal infusion, etc. Note that you should not take coffee, tea, soda. It is recommended to drink every 20-30 minutes. If you do not have the opportunity to take a drink with you, take plenty of drinking before and after the workout.  This way, you will restore the water balance of your body.
Helpful Hints for Winter Workouts Outdoors

Eat right

In winter, our body lacks the useful minerals and vitamins that we get from fruits and vegetables in other seasons. This situation can be corrected by taking additional vitamin complexes. It is especially important if you do intensive workouts. Your body should get all the nutrients after the exercises. When you’re outdoors in cold weather, you need to use up your body’s energy not only to work on muscle tissue but also to keep your body warm. To ensure that your body has enough energy, it is necessary to introduce a diet rich in protein foods such as cereals, fish and poultry meat, dairy products, vegetables. Also, protein shakes are a good source of energy. The meal should be 1.5-2 hours before the training and should not contain fried, spicy, or grilled dishes, fast food, etc.  But after the workout, you can make a light snack of vegetables or fruits.
Helpful Hints for Winter Workouts Outdoors

Wear the right clothes

Clothes that you will exercise outdoors should be comfortable, not hinder your movements, and made of moisture-wicking fabrics. Besides, it should freely allow air to pass through. It will eliminate the possibility of overheating from the heat and moisture released by your body during the workout. Going to training in cold weather, wear thermal underwear, then – knitted clothes made of natural fabrics, and after that – a jacket with pants made of materials which do not let the air out. During winter workouts, you must wear multiple layers of clothing.

Use clothing items to protect hands, feet, and head

Remember that your outfit should include ear muffs, mittens, thick socks, headband or beanie, gloves, or maybe, even shoe covers. These clothing items will protect your hands, head, and feet from hypothermia as well as heat loss. Another important thing is athletic shoes. Do not use summer sneakers or your everyday boots for cold-weather workouts. In the first case, you will freeze your feet; in the second – you can damage the muscles and joints. Use winter waterproof sneakers. They allow you to exercise when it snows or puddles outdoors.