Iconic Celebs’ Mullets that You Never Forget

According to hairdressers and beauty enthusiasts, there is no much more debatable hairstyle than a mullet. However, for the past decades, some Hollywood celebrities have certainly pushed the tangled hairstyle trend that cannot make up their minds about whether it is long or short. However, when done in the proper graduated layers, shades, and ratios, a mullet style could be amazingly chic as well as edgy. However, when mullet is done incorrectly, it is provocative in every way. In any case, the mullet is returned with a vendetta, so it is a good moment for a tribute to the all-time iconic celebs who have at some point (or forever) stepped onto the mullet train for so many years.

  1. Billie Eilish

With plenty of slimy green highlights, the celeb changed the mullet trend to suit her tastes. Billie effortlessly wore the style but, she said the hairstyle was just an unintentional result of dealing with dye when part of her hair was burnt. Either way, it looked like Eilish could make a trend out of literally anything, even when it happened at random.
Iconic Celebs' Mullets that You Never Forget

  1. Miley Cyrus

The celebrity was first seen wearing this hairstyle at the beginning of 2020. As her father is a mullet icon, it’s not as if we can say we are shocked by the reverence. Still, with her cool sunglasses and girlish cowboy booties, Miley turned this look into an effortless but sophisticated one at the same time. A few years ago, one TV interviewer questioned the celebrity if mullets would be back on trend, and she answered “yes” with enthusiasm. And in 2020, she reiterated her beliefs about this iconic hairstyle.
Iconic Celebs' Mullets that You Never Forget

  1. Scarlett Johansson

The actress presented her hairstyle in New York in 2005. You can pull off everything with a face such as that. But with that look, she gave us a serious country-chick vibe. Thank God for the beautiful eyes and so sweet lips, that provide a dose of distraction from her hair.
Iconic Celebs' Mullets that You Never Forget

  1. Taylor Momsen

The cutie wore a mullet already in 2008. Like most on the list, the shaggy mullet features graduated layers with bangs so the look doesn’t seem very harsh.
Iconic Celebs' Mullets that You Never Forget

  1. Lady Gaga

Certainly, this hairstyle isn’t the strangest look worn by the celebrity in recent years. Nevertheless, this mullet, combined with the eye-catching make-up, will always be remembered by her fans.
Iconic Celebs' Mullets that You Never Forget

  1. Zendaya

The celebrity unveiled her trademark mullet during the Grammy Awards. Her makeup looked impeccable and likewise the shade of the girl’s mullet. So whilst her haters can attempt to hate, in our opinion, Zendaya was looking perfect as she always did.
Iconic Celebs' Mullets that You Never Forget

  1. Rihanna

The singer is one of the few celebrities who really looked better with a mullet than with other hairstyles. In this charming smile, smoldering eyes touch and the lip-smacking says she opts for.
Iconic Celebs' Mullets that You Never Forget

  1.  Barbie Ferreira

This pretty girl made herself a retro-style mullet with delicate fringes and smooth lines. The look highlighted her self-confidence and innate femininity, as well as her gracefulness and sexiness. Of course, she was helped in this by a famous stylist, but that doesn’t negate Barbie Ferreira’s sense of style.
Iconic Celebs' Mullets that You Never Forget

  1. Billy Ray Cyrus

We never would have got her daughter’s mullet without Billy Ray’s involvement. This look of the multi-generational dynasty was first made famous when his music hits could be heard on every radio in the nineties. Do you think his hairstyle had an impact on his career?

  1. David Bowie

Never will any mullet be more memorable than that of this iconic musician. Nowadays, other celebrities try to pay homage and repeat the famous mullet. But so far no one has come close to that holy grail. Even though Bowie’s music will be for ages, his mullet remains unforgettable forever too.
Iconic Celebs' Mullets that You Never Forget

  1. Dolly Parton

This singer has so much popularity in the world, that it is difficult to speak about her mullet. Regardless of her many dozens of greatest hits, her mullet seems to outshine this breathtaking vocal all the time. Luckily, lots of her expression mullets are toupees.

  1. Kristen Stewart 

While playing in The Runaways movie, she was rocking the gradual layers. On the red carpet, Kristen had the hairstyle with frosted tips, showing her a singular take to the traditional look. The babe has punky vibes, so the style is absolutely suited for Kristen!
Iconic Celebs' Mullets that You Never Forget