Kardashians makeup-free

This celebrity family has millions of fans and thousands of haters. Some people admire their beauty and sense of style, but some are tired of seeing their glamorous faces in every media. No matter which group you belong to, there is a fact that is undeniable. They are ultra-successful and rich! The Kardashians have fame, popularity, and profitable business that is based on their recognition. Everyone has the opinion that these women look perfect all the time. It seems that the Kardashians have Hollywood makeup and an elegant look even when they just hang out at home or work out. Are these celebrities so perfect? Of course not, they are human beings like you and me, not gods or superheroes. Now you’ll see proof that we’re all not ideal. That’s how the Kardashians look without makeup.

Khloe Kardashian

Khloe confessed that her lifestyle changed when she had the baby. There was less time to care for her body and makeup. That’s why Khloe is now faster at applying makeup, or not using it at all. She tries not to use liquid products because such cosmetic products can smear her child. But even without makeup, she’s beautiful. Look at her cheerful eyes and cute smile! Kardashians makeup-free

Kylie Jenner

For Kylie, makeup has always been a sacred thing. Perhaps that’s why she created her brand, which is so profitable and popular. Probably every US woman knows lip kits from Kylie Jenner. The fact that a celebrity enlarged her lips is no longer a secret, but her freckles are a surprise for many. However, what a cutie she is even without makeup! Kardashians makeup-free

Kim Kardashian West

That the celebrity uses tons of cosmetics is well-known to everyone. Makeup is an integral part of her life. Kim likes to experiment with cosmetics which she uses for herself. Also, the model loves to take part in creating new beauty products. Her company, which produces cosmetics, is a thriving and profitable project. But sometimes Kim is lazy, or she doesn’t have time to do makeup. Or the celebrity wants to show that even without make-up products, she looks great. And it’s okay that everyone sees her eye circles and a little pale complexion. But now everyone knows for sure, Kim is a regular person, as all us. Kardashians makeup-free

Kendall Jenner

Kendall is a model, and that says it all. She doesn’t need a lot of makeup to look great, because the celebrity is already gorgeous. Kendall only uses a little makeup to highlight her beauty. The model doesn’t do makeovers to disguise her faults, because she doesn’t have them. Her family often joke about it. The sisters say that all makeup routine for Kendall Jenner is to apply some mascara to her eyelashes and nothing more. Kardashians makeup-free

Kourtney Kardashian

Of all the Kardashians, it is Kourtney who is a follower of naturalness. The photo model uses natural cosmetic products that do not contain harmful ingredients. She makes her face masks and various scrubs from natural products. In this way Kourtney has the certainty that her makeup is safe. Thanks to this approach to the skin’s health, the celebrity looks great when she is 41 years old. A lot of younger girls are jealous of Kourtney for that. Kardashians makeup-free

Kris Kardashian Drumroll, applause! How else can we start a short story about a woman, who looks so chic at her age? Of course, Kris uses cosmetics. But let’s remember that she raised six children and is 64 years old. Does she look like a granny, who sits on the sofa with a kitty, and watches boring TV shows? Kris looks like a hottie, who will be a star on the dance floor at any nightclub. Isn’t that so? Kardashians makeup-free